JVC XX Elation Bluetooth headphones: Surprisingly solid sound, expectedly low price 2:13

JVC's budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones surprised us with their balanced sound, optional bass boost, and impressive battery life. For $150, it's hard to do much better.
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JVC’s new 85-inch 4K UHD TV is a price-buster at $8,000, but don’t get too excited yet

JVC's new whale of a 4K UHD TV will be offered this January for a very enticing price, but it comes with a major asterisk.
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JVC’s first 4K/UHD TV on its way to store shelves

First announced back in June, JVC's first ever 4K/UHD TV is about to hit shelves, with a very manageable price point of $2,000. But is it worth going rogue from the big boys in the industry?

JVC puts an oversized Super 35mm sensor in its upcoming Micro Four Thirds 4K camcorder

At NAB in Las Vegas, JVC introduced two new 4K video cameras sporting Micro Four Thirds mounts and a larger Super 35mm format sensor. Will we see Micro Four Thirds still cameras with larger sensors in the future? Probably not.

JVC’s new cam lets you channel your inner Wachowski to shoot bullet time videos

Designed to capture both high-speed and slow motion video, JVC's new SLR-style flagship camcorder is ideal for recording sports. Plus, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity lets you transfer content wirelessly.
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JVC aims new BlackCrystal 50-inch E-LED TV at those seeking a premium picture without all the smart stuff

After being quiet for some time in the TV space, JVC announced a new 50-inch E-LED HDTV in its BlackCrystal with the R Series BC50R, the largest screen size model in the line produced thus far, which hits retail this month for $800.

JVC continues push into consumer camcorders with 8 new models

JVC announces eight new consumer camcorder models that range from $230 to $500, a major drop in price compared to last year's new offerings.
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JVC surprises analysts, releases new JVC JLE55SP4000 55-inch SmartTV

In light of the release of the JVC JLE55SP4000, it seems rumors of the death of JVC TV's were greatly exaggerated. The new LED-edglit 55-incher boasts 3D and Smart TV capability, is bundled with 4 pair of passive 3D glasses, and comes in…
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JVC refines e-shift, teases professional 4K TV under $20k

JVC strengthens its hold on the affordable, high-performance projector market with seven new models and teases an 84-inch 4K TV at CEDIA 2012
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I, Robot is back on 3D Blu-ray, but can it and JVC’s new conversion tech solve 3D’s content drought?

Twentieth Century Fox and JVC have announced they'll be re-releasing I, Robot on Blu-ray later this year, and that a new technique has been used to convert it from 2D into 3D. Will it be the answer to 3D's lack of new content?
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JVC Riptidz headphones shirk sweat, Gumy, Marshallow get tastier with new models

JVC's line of inexpensive replacement-style headphones has been updated with three new models and the latest iPod color scheme.