Kayak hack lets you search for flights and hotels within Slack messages

Travel website Kayak has added support for searches within the Slack messaging tool. Now, you can quickly find flight and hotel information simply by hacking Slack with "/kayak" and a search query.

9 travel tech trends that will make 2016 a great year to get out of town

Technology is changing the future of travel, and the industry is evolving to adapt. We look at nine tech trends that are reshaping how we travel.

Best Windows 8 Apps

Don't know which Windows 8 apps to download to your new touch laptop? Check out our list of the cream of the crop for both productivity and entertainment on your Microsoft gadget.

April Fools 2013 Roundup: YouTube closes, Twttr eliminates vowels, and more

It's April Fool's day, and that means every company and service on the Web wants to make you laugh. This year, Google closes YouTube, Kayak starts a dating site, Toshiba launches the ShibaSphere game console, The Rural Juror hits Hulu…
Cool Tech

Oru, the foldable kayak, lets you bring a boat on a plane

The foldable Oru Kayak will allow you to bring it on a plane as carry on baggage. Now that's some seriously clever design.

Ready for takeoff: Google Flights vs. Kayak vs. Bing Travel

How does Google Flights stack up against its established airfare search competitors? We break it down for you by pitting Google Flights vs. Kayak vs. Bing Travel.

Google Hotel Finder vs. Kayak vs. Bing Travel

Which hotel search should you use the next time you get out of town? We pit Google's new Hotel Finder vs. the old standbys: Kayak and Bing Travel.

Anti-trust: Google blames Microsoft for turning Washington DC against it

Google says Microsoft is the mastermind behind an "anti-Google industrial complex" in Washington D.C. that seeks to give Google a taste of the anti-trust medicine.

Google could face legal action for ITA Software acquisition

Insiders say Google may need to prepare for a court case over its travel software deal.

Travel companies create FairSearch, lobby against Google’s travel plans

Popular online travel websites have formed the FairSearch coalition in an attempt to block Google's acquisition of ITA, claiming its bad for business, the market, and consumers.

Bing Travel and Kayak, Separated At Birth?

Online travel service Kayak has complained that Bing Travel has a look so similar it could confuse customers.