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Report: Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineup is getting an upgrade this fall

Likely launching new models in order to keep up the pressure on Apple and Google, Amazon is reported to be working on new versions of the Kindle Fire tablets that could launch within the next two months.

Amazon rumored to be building a $100 Kindle Fire tablet (Updated)

Amazon may be working on an even more budget version of its current cheapest Kindle Fire tablet. How much cheaper? The rumor says it'll cost $100, and boast specs seen on the more expensive Kindle Fire HD.
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Amazon plans to make it rain with Coins, but do we need one more virtual currency?

Amazon is hoping a virtual currency will boost the Kindle Fire and its Android marketplace - but will Amazon Coins be worth your time?

How to take a screenshot on any Kindle Fire

If you want to grab a screenshot on any Kindle Fire (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire 2, Kindle Fire HD 7, Kindle Fire HD 8.9), we've got a step-by-step guide. Those of you with original Kindle Fires, you may want to brace yourselves.
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Amazon TV ad puts Kindle Fire HD up against iPad

Amazon has put its 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet up against Apple's iPad in its latest TV commercial, showing off its high-res display while drawing attention to the $200 price difference.

Amorous Amazon: Kindle Fire HD tablets get price cut as part of Valentine’s Day promo

Web giant Amazon occasionally offers fleeting discount promotions on its Kindle Fire tablets, with the latest one running until the end of the week. Savings of up to $50 are available.
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Best Kindle Fire apps

We list the best Kindle Fire apps and games, including Rdio, Pulse News, Hulu Plus, and more.

Best Kindle Fire Games

We list some of the best games available on the Kindle Fire, from Doodle Jump to Triple Town.
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Amazon to improve Kindle Fire for vision-impaired users, adding voice guide and touch controls

Amazon has announced that it will soon introduce two accessibility features – Explore by Touch and Voice Guide – to its standard 7-inch Kindle Fire and the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD devices. The features are already available on the…
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Keeping the kids happy: Amazon announces Kindle Fire subscription service for children’s content

If you're a Kindle Fire owner with kids, you may already be familiar with FreeTime, a feature that offers controls on how your child uses the tablet. Building on this, Amazon has just announced a subscription service for FreeTime, offering…

How Apple missed the rise of the mini tablet

Google and Amazon have stolen the show with 7-inch tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD 7, leaving Apple uncharacteristically behind on the season’s biggest trend.

Stay off my turf! Walmart boots Amazon Kindles from retail stores

Wal-Mart will no longer carry Amazon's Kindle devices. What's up with that?