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Nexus 7 tablet: What you need to know

Our guide to what you need to know about Google's first self-branded tablet, the Nexus 7. Find out whether it's a good buy and the new features it brings to Android.
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Amazon said to launch two new Kindle Fire devices with better build, 10-inch model with camera

With Google having unveiled its Nexus 7 tablet this week, it's vitally important for Amazon that it doesn't mess up with the launch of its second-generation Kindle Fire competitor, which could happen as early as next month. There's also…
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Report: Kindle Fire 2 could be unveiled at the end of July

As the current Kindle Fire struggles to compete against Apple's iPad, Amazon may be prepping a new version of the tablet for release as early as next month.
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Kindle Fire owners can now access HBO GO

Ideal for anyone that subscribes to HBO through a premium television service, Kindle Fire owners have a new reason to celebrate their purchase of the Android tablet.

Survey: iPad of most interest to tablet buyers, while Kindle Fire fades

A new survey indicates that for those in the market for a new tablet, there's really only one device of interest. And it's not the Kindle Fire.
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Is the Amazon Kindle in trouble?

The Kindle Fire may be the most successful Android tablet to date, but new figures from IDC show it slipping — and sales of the Kindle e-reader may have dropped through the floor.
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Should Samsung take Android and run?

Samsung seems to be the only mobile company giving Apple any competition. Should it follow Amazon's lead and make its own version of Android?
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Amazon Kindle Fire accounts for more than half of all Android tablets in the US

Amazon's Kindle Fire has been living up to its name in sales, spreading over the better half of the Android tablet market within only months on the market.
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Kindle Fire gets its own speaker dock

The Kindle Fire's success may have captured the interest of third-party developers as news of a speaker dock made especially for the tablet comes forward.
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Kindle Fire update offers in-book sharing, document storage, DRM fix

While Amazon continues to remain quiet about any new Kindle-branded tablets, the retail giant just launched a firmware update for the Kindle Fire that offers a variety of improvements.
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Amazon lands deal with Discovery to stream Mythbusters, Shark Week and more

As competition between Amazon and other streaming video providers like Netflix heats up, the retail giant just added a considerable amount of video entertainment for reality TV junkies.
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IDC: Android tablets reduced iPad dominance in fourth quarter

According to IDC, Android devices accounted for 44.6 percent of the tablet market during the fourth quarter of 2011, with iOS slipping to 54.7 percent.