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IDC: Android tablets reduced iPad dominance in fourth quarter

According to IDC, Android devices accounted for 44.6 percent of the tablet market during the fourth quarter of 2011, with iOS slipping to 54.7 percent.

The iPad 2 just got a lot more affordable — watch out, Kindle Fire

In all the excitement, we're sure the iPad 2 is the last thing on your mind. But maybe it shouldn't be.
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B&N eats its words, unveils a weaker 8GB Nook Tablet for $200

After trashing the Kindle Fire for not having enough RAM or Storage space, Barnes & Noble has released a new $200 Nook Tablet with half the RAM and half the storage of the original model.

Amazon said to be launching 10-inch Kindle Fire in coming months

It's been reported that Amazon has placed an order with Foxconn to build a 10-inch version of its Kindle Fire tablet, which will go on sale before the summer.

iPad sales dented more by iPhone 4S than Kindle Fire, says research firm

Data for the last three months of 2011 appears to show that the iPad has lost some of its market share to Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablet. Research firm IHS iSuppli believes, however, that the iPhone 4S has had an even bigger impact on iPad…
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Startup develops handwriting recognition technology for Kindle Touch

While users of tablets and smartphones are familiar with using handwriting technology in various applications, a puzzle startup has become the first company to bring the technology to e-readers.

Amazon ad pokes fun at cost of Apple’s iPad

A new ad from online giant Amazon highlights the cost of Apple's popular tablet, pointing out that you can get three Kindles for less than the price of a single iPad.

Rumor: Amazon building brick-and-mortar store to stay competitive with iPad and Nook

A rumor is floating around about an upcoming Amazon move into the physical brick-and-mortar space. Is this a move to focus on the Fire and stay competitive with Apple and Barnes & Noble's physical tablet support?

Survey: Kindle Fire owners happy with device, though iPad users happier

The Kindle Fire is reportedly selling well, but are buyers happy with it? A new survey suggests that many are, though it points out that iPad owners are apparently more satisfied.

Reports say that a new Nook may be coming this spring from Barnes & Noble

Only a month after discussing plans to spin off its Nook business, word is that Barnes & Noble has another device up its sleeves coming this spring.
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Analyst: Amazon moved 6 million Kindle Fires over the holidays

Analysts were bullish on the Kindle Fire before the holidays, but one has just upped his estimate of the number Amazon sold over the 2011 holidays to 6 million.

Amazon merchant caught bribing customers for five-star reviews

While many merchants take advantage of Amazon's position as the leading online retailer, one merchant's unethical attempt to game the review system has shed more light on Amazon's inability to protect consumers from paid reviews.