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Apple may be planning Kinect-style controls for its rumored TV

Even though reports that Apple had acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli company behind the technology in Microsoft’s Kinect, were shot down, the very prospect of getting their hands on that kind of technology leads to some intriguing…

Xbox One and Windows PCs require separate second-gen Kinect hardware

Microsoft second-gen Kinect that ships with Xbox One won't be compatible with Windows PCs. Software developers will need a separate Kinect for Windows device, and early SDK access applications for that are now open.

Xbox One doesn’t come with a headset, but Kinect still works for voice chat

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One ships with no headset, and that console users will instead be able to make use of the new Kinect camera's powerful microphone and noise filtering capabilities.

Can Kinect and the cloud silence seething Xbox One critics? We’ll see

Microsoft's Xbox 101 meeting at E3 2013 takes a closer look at the important role that cloud computing could play in enhancing your games. We also get a better sense of what the new Kinect can do.

The Digital Self: Is the Xbox One the latest privacy fiasco, or am I just a crank?

The Xbox One has sparked the latest round of warnings over consumer privacy. But given the lack of negative consequences from data collection so far, are those of us who warn about such perils prophets or cranks?

The new Kinect will eventually watch you from a PC

Two Microsoft executives independently confirmed that the next-gen Kinect sensor will eventually arrive on Windows PC. Details are nonexistent, but one promised that more will be revealed "soon."

Crytek’s hack-and-slash game ‘Ryse’ now an Xbox One exclusive

Ryse originally debuted at E3 2010, but now it's an Xbox One exclusive that uses a controller and the new Kinect simultaneously. More is expected to be revealed at E3 2013.

The History of the Xbox

From "DirectX Box" to "720," it's been a long, strange trip for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console.

Thalmic Labs’ founder on ditching touch screens, nixing mice, and why gesture control is the future

Aaron Grant, co-founder of Thalmic Labs, shares his vision for the future of gesture control in computing and details what sets the MYO armband apart from the motion-sensing crowd.
Cool Tech

Kinect-powered virtual therapists can fully decode a patient’s body language

Psychiatrists are trained to monitor their patient's verbal and physical responses, but they can't always keep their eyes on you while making notes. Enter SimSensei, a robot virtual therapist that uses the Microsoft Kinect.

Microsoft looks to integrate Kinect into displays and laptops

Will Kinect-embedded laptops and monitors be landing on store shelves soon? Microsoft is working on shrinking the 3D cameras and lowering costs so the technology can go beyond the Xbox.

Xbox 360 has sold over 76 million consoles, but Kinect is slowing down

Microsoft's Xbox 360 will turn eight-years-old this year. It's lived a good life, twice as long as the original Xbox, with 76 million consoles sold, but sales of the Kinect motion control sensor have slowed. What does Microsoft's new sales…