‘It’s come a long way since Tecmo Bowl’: Eli Manning on Xbox Kinect, Madden, and how Peyton cheats

The Super Bowl is far more than just a game, it is a two week long event, this time centered in New Orleans. We spoke to New Orleans native and two time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning, about his time in the Big Easy, his involvement with a…

Kinect creator leaves Microsoft to join Sony’s PlayStation EyeToy studio in London

Kameo: Elements of Power directo and key Kinect developer George Andreas has left Microsoft and Rare after sixteen years with the studio. Who lured him away? None other than Sony's motion controller studio, Sony London.
Home Theater

Smarter than your TV: Game consoles may soon take over your home theater

It's no secret that game consoles are good for much more than just gaming, but what you may not know is that game consoles are poised to become the centerpiece of home theaters. We take a look at how they got to this point, and what we can…

Microsoft’s holiday earnings show the Xbox 360 riding into the sunset

Microsoft didn't have the holiday season it wanted, with earnings flat despite the release of big new products like Windows 8. The quarter also saw the Xbox 360, Microsoft's more reliable commodity in recent years, fading as a consumer…
Cool Tech

Logitech heads back to mice and keyboards as it exits the video game console business

Sometimes the best thing a tech company can do is go back to what it's best at. Logitech, one of the biggest names in PC accessories for 30 years, announced on Thursday that it will stop making video game console controllers.

Panzer Dragoon successor Crimson Dragon appears and disappears on XBLA

Two and a half years after Microsoft first announced Crimson Dragon, a spiritual follow up to the classic Sega series Panzer Dragoon, the game still isn't out. A demo appeared on XBLA this week, but was taken down almost immediately by the…

Kinect Party review: It’s not really a game, but your kids will love it

What Double Fine Productions' Kinect Party lacks in traditional gameplay mechanics, it more than makes up for in frantic, all-ages fun.
Cool Tech

Microsoft promotes Kinect as a tool for the military

Though the Kinect peripheral has found little traction among gamers, Microsoft hopes that it might be used to help train our troops and provide physical therapy to the wounded.

Best gaming peripherals of 2012

As the year comes to an end, we look at our choices for the best gaming peripherals of 2013.

Composer Gordy Haab wins award for Star Wars Kinect score

Video game composer Gordy Haab wins the award for Best Song at the Hollywood Music in Media awards thanks to his score for Star Wars Kinect.

Kinect sells 20 million units

"That number's just continuing to grow," says Microsoft rep of Kinect sales.
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Microsoft’s Surface tablet supports Xbox 360 controllers, possibly Kinect

Among the hundreds of thousands of USB devices that Microsoft's upcoming Surface tablet supports are Xbox 360 controllers, and possibly the Kinect peripheral.