Kodak's 360-degree camera takes a big step up with the addition of a second lens

Single lens 360 cameras are easy to use but tend to lag behind in quality -- Kodak is upgrading their 360 options with a new two lens camera. The Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 is expected out in January.

Roll of film that started consumer photography in the 1880s returns to its roots

Back in 1888, a camera and a roll of film started the consumer photography movement. Now, that same roll of film is on display (you know, for people to photograph with their iPhones).

Now your iPad or Android can help you take better photos

The Kodak Professional Film App supports photographers looking to keep film alive. Previously available only on iPhone, film photographers in the Android camp can finally use the app to preview film types, find developing locations, and…

Kodak, Kickstarter join to offer free film to directors who don’t want to go digital

There are a lot of reasons indie directors shoot digitally, but Kodak wants to make sure that the prohibitively high cost of film isn't one of them by offering Kickstarter directors up to $20,000 in free film.

Spectre's filmmakers shot on 35mm film to retain look and feel of Bond movies

After going digital with Skyfall, director Sam Mendes returned to 35mm film for shooting Spectre. To keep the look and feel of Bond movies, Mendes says film has the magic that digital doesn't.

Kodak focuses on Android-powered smartphone cameras

Kodak announced a partnership with the Bullitt Group to license Android-powered smartphones and tablets aimed at tech-averse consumers. The devices will be easy to use and focus on camera features and photo sharing.

Kodak’s new PixPro SP360 action cam sees the world in 360 degrees

Kodak has unveiled the PixPro SP360, an action cam with a panoramic 360-degree horizontal angle-of-view. Besides going after GoPro, the new camera joins several new 360-degree cameras hitting the market.

Logmar S-8 is the modern Super 8mm film camera that uses digital guts

The Logmar S-8 is the first Super 8mm film camera to be made in 30 years. Although it uses standard Kodak film, the rest of the camera is purely digital, and gives today's moviemakers that natural vintage feel.

Kodak now making labels that affix to budget point-and-shoots and megazooms

Kodak is preparing to exit bankruptcy, and will emerge as a new company focusing on commercial products. Although its days as a digital camera maker are over, its legacy lives on with Kodak-branded cameras from JK Imaging.
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The end of celluloid reel films is near, warn industry insiders

The end of film is closer than it seems - at least, as far as actual celluloid distribution of movies is concerned. As the movie industry prepares for an almost-entirely digital future by the end of this year, does film have any future for…

Brother helps Kodak cut some fat, picks up Document Imaging business for $210 million

Brother's acquisition of Kodak's Document Imaging business, pending court approval, will add scanners and scanning software to their portfolio. The sale is part of Kodak's effort to raise cash in order to exit bankruptcy protection.