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For Turtle Rock studios, Evolve isn’t just a game, it’s a mantra

How the makers of Evolve survived publisher bankruptcy and their one creative ambitions to make one hit after another.

Evolve preview: You won’t know whether you’re hunter or hunted until you’re dead

Evolve pits four humans against a hulking, continuously evolving beast controlled by another player, but "who's hunting who" isn't always obvious.

Steam Box prototypes may begin shipping in 3 to 4 months

The new console race is kicking into gear in 2013. On one end are the budget priced futurists like OUYA and on the other shiny new entertainment hubs like the PlayStation 4. What about Valve's living room PC called Steam Box? Prototypes…

Left 4 Dead developer ‘super excited’ to work with 2K Games following THQ bankruptcy

2K Games outbid Turtle Rock Studios for the rights to its next big title at the recent THQ bankruptcy auction, and the development studio is surprisingly alright with this.

Team Fortress meets The Matrix in ‘The Matrix Remaked’

If there was one thing missing from The Matrix, it was Valve Software's colorful cast of characters.

Valve collaboration with Overkill on PAYDAY: The Heist is not a Left 4 Dead prequel

While still a cute collaboration, Valve fans may be disappointed with the company's new Left 4 Dead collaboration with Overkill Software.

Valve and Overkill working on Left 4 Dead, PAYDAY: The Heist crossover

Zombies versus criminals? PAYDAY: The Heist director announces collaboration with Valve on a new crossover with Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead dev teams with THQ for multiplayer-focused FPS

Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios teams with publisher THQ for an unnamed multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter, currently set for a 2013 release.