3D printer builds ‘Magic Arms’ for two-year-old girl with joint disease

Easily one of the more heartfelt uses of 3D printing technology, a little girl finally got to use her arms with the help of a printed exoskeleton.

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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes review

Traveller’s Tales and WBIE return with another Lego offering, featuring Batman, the Justice League, and an open Gotham City that is oddly empty.


Google’s virtual Lego set brings new meaning to the phrase Not Safe For Work

Build with Chrome is a virtual Lego set, where you're given 1000 bricks and your own permanent plot of land with which to get creative.


Celebrate Alan Turing’s 100th birthday with this mesmerizing Lego homage

Who would have thought that a Turing machine recreated entirely in Lego could be so gorgeously hypnotic?


Watch Inception as performed by Lego minifigs

Like chocolate and existentially baffling peanut butter, Lego makes Christopher Nolan's Inception even more entertaining.

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Silicon Valley tech bigwig arrested for fake barcode Lego scam

Thomas Langenbach has been arrested for allegedly replacing the barcodes on high-end Lego sets, and selling the discounted merchandise for huge profits.


Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 for the Vita Review

The Lego games go portable with a truncated port of its Lego console counterpart, take straight from the PSP.


Astronaut creates LEGO space station while on International Space Station

Drawing similarities to how the International Space Station was constructed piece by piece while in space, a Japanese astronaut set out to accomplish the same thing in LEGO form while in space.

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Photographer builds twin-lens camera using Lego — and yes, it works

When most photography enthusiasts have a go at building their own camera, it usually consists of nothing more technical than a box with a tiny hole in it. A photographer from Norway, however, had a different idea....


Goodbye free time, Lego Minecraft ready for summer release

Lego has released the first pictures of its official Minecraft Micro World set. It's expected to be released during the summer and can be pre-ordered now.


Canadian teens put a (Lego) man into space for just $400

It was probably a rather small step for Lego but it was certainly one giant leap for a Lego man when he was launched into space by a couple of Canadian teens recently. The mission was the result of the hard work and ingenuity of friends Mathew Ho and Asad…

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Mojang fans worldwide persuade Lego to develop official Minecraft building sets

Thanks to Mojang's near-fanatical fans, Lego is going to be officially developing Minecraft building sets to sell all over the world.


Physicist creates $2,600 Lego model of LHC ATLAS detector

Physics enthusiast Sascha Mehlhase creates a $2,600 Lego model of the Large Hadron Collider's Atlas detector, petitions Lego company for further funding.

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Best iPhone and iPad accessories for kids

Berna Erol reccomends her picks for the best iPhone and iPad accessories for kids including toys from Disney, Lego, and more.


Mojang working with LEGO to officially develop Minecraft building sets

The Minecraft team is working with LEGO through the Cuusoo crowdsourcing site to create official building sets. However, Mojang needs fan's support to make it a reality.