Can BB-8 be made even cuter? Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens announced 1:53

Disney has teamed up with Warner Bros. and developer TT Games to produce an upcoming video game adaptation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that renders its starring cast as Lego miniatures.

Nikon fans, you can now build a Nikon SLR camera entirely out of Nanoblocks

If you've both plenty of patience and a deep, unwavering dedication to purchasing all things Nikon, then you might be interested in this Nanoblock kit of the company's first ever SLR camera, the Nikon F.
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Lego-ified Marty and Doc travel Back to the Future in new fan-made video

If pop-culture has taught us anything in the last decade, it's that everything is better when remade with Legos. In advance of Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015), we present to you: Brick to the Future Part II
Cool Tech

These little stackable magnetic Arduino boards work with LEGO making building a snap

MCookie, Microduino's new generation of little stackable Arduino-compatible modules is both magnetic and Lego compatible. If you thought you could do everything with Legos before, well, you were almost right, but now it's a hell…
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Hilarious Lego version of Jurassic World sums up the movie in 90 seconds

The entire plot of Jurassic World gets condensed to a scant 90 seconds in an amazing Lego animation version of the film made by BrotherhoodWorkshop. The hilarious video has everything from mutant dinosaurs to utter panic.
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Watch this guy control his Lego robot by moving around in a Lego exoskeleton

Danny Benedettelli's next step in his Cyclops project is a functional robot which he can wirelessly control by wearing an exoskeleton made up of Legos.

Micro Lego Computer is a more affordable Lego PC

For Lego and PC fan Mike Schropp, building a miniature Lego PC makes a lot of sense, but apparently his early efforts were still too big, so he's made something smaller. The Micro Lego system is just as powerful and versatile as its bigger…
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Totally rad LEGO printer can scan images and create pixellated mosaics with bricks

The Bricasso printer is constructed completely out of LEGO parts and prints in LEGO bricks. The machine uses an EV3 color sensor to scan the source image and saves the data to the Mindstorms unit which is then used to print…
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Watch R2-D2 go Dirty Harry on a bunch of Jawas in new Lego fan film

See R2-D2 like you've never seen him before in this new Lego short film from the folks at BrotherhoodWorkshop. The little Droid takes vengeance on his CPU as he blows away every Jawa in sight.
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Brick Street View turns Google Maps into Lego

Here's an impressive hack to explore over the weekend. Put together by Swedish designer Einar Öberg, Brick Street View turns Google's Street View imagery into something much more blocky.