Lenovo’s stick PC has a low price tag and a built-in speaker

Lenovo announced its first PC on a stick, the Ideacentre Stick 300, on June 23. When it debuts this fall, it will cost $129. The pocket-sized PC comes with an Intel Baytrail processor and 32GB of storage.

Lenovo to enter PC stick game with IdeaCentre Stick 300

Stick PCs are becoming quite the fashionable way to carry around your media and media centre in one tiny device, so of course Lenovo wants in on the action. Its debut stick machine, the IdeaCentre Stick 300, is set to launch soon.

Lenovo CEO teases new Moto phones and smartwatches for release this summer

Lenovo's CEO has said in an interview we should be on the look out for new Motorola-branded hardware this summer, and the company's plans include new smartphones and smartwatches.
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DT Daily: GravityLight 2 brings jobs, lumens to 3rd world 2:17

What to watch for from Google’s big annual conference, a new phone from Lenovo packs a projector, and a clever device could bring light to millions of people.
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Lenovo Cast is a $49 competitor to Google Chromecast

Lenovo's new $49 media-sharing device Lenovo Cast is hoping to compete with Google's industry-leading Chromecast by offering dual-band support and compatibility with Windows and iOS devices.

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad 10 tablet may look unusual, but it’s certainly versatile

Lenovo has announced the ThinkPad 10, a big 10.1-inch Windows 10 tablet that's suited for both business and pleasure use. In addition to the strong spec, there's a range of accessories for the tablet too.

Lenovo unveils a smartwatch with 2 screens, and phone with a projector keyboard

Lenovo has shown off two crazy tech concepts at its Tech World 2015 show. The first is a dual-screen smartwatch called the Magic View, and the second is a smartphone with a virtual keyboard projector built-in.

Lenovo reveals slew of new laptops ahead of Tech World

Lenovo got a little too excited about the company's annual Tech World event in Beijing, and has spilled the beans early on a few of the new offerings that will be available soon. Among the offerings are two new media workstations, the Z41…

Buying a PC this year? Here’s what you need to know about bloatware

Bloatware has been on the decline in the PC space, but problems like Lenovo's SuperFish debacle prove it's not a dead issue yet. Here's what you need to know about bloatware on modern computers.

Lenovo has allegedly posted a bid for MSI’s gaming notebook division

A new rumor states Lenovo has put out an offer for the purchase of MSI's gaming notebook business. The deal, if it went through, would instantly give Lenovo a strong stable of gaming hardware

Lenovo LaVie Z 360 discounted due to stand issues

Lenovo's new LaVie Z 360 laptop may be the lightest in its class, but it's not without problems. According to an email sent out by Lenovo, it's refunding buyers five per cent to apologise for issues with the stand.

Lenovo’s LaVie Z notebook is lightweight with heavy-duty specs

Lenovo has expanded its already prolific notebook range with a brand new 13.3" offering, that it claims is the lightest the world has ever seen. It has some powerful internal hardware too, but the pricing won't always be so friendly.