Samsung, LG are going to court as defendants over an alleged anti-poaching agreement

According to a lawsuit filed last week, Samsung and LG have agreed to not poach employees from each other in the U.S. The lawsuit is similar to one settled by a number of large tech companies last year.

LG thinks Europeans don't want big phones, so won't sell the V20 there

LG has taken the unfortunate decision not to release the V20 smartphone in Europe, and will only sell the large-display device in America, Korea, and a selection of other countries. Samsung took the same decision with the Galaxy Note 5.

LG's SmartThinQ Hub just got even more like an Echo with Alexa integration

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then LG is paying a major compliment to Amazon by making its already Echo-esque SmartThinQ Hub even more like the Echo. That's right -- the SmartThinQ Hub now boasts Alexa support.

Knock on LG’s new fridge, and it will turn transparent or bring up Windows

LG put a computer on the front of its InstaView Signature refrigerator, one that runs on Windows 10. The InstaView technology lets you knock on the front to turn the glass transparent or bring up the apps.
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Samsung claims its latest TV breakthrough outshines OLED, and it’s cheaper

After dragging its feet on OLED while LG has flourished, Samsung has unveiled a new technology it claims will stand toe-to-to with OLED on black levels, outperform it in brightness and color, and be much, much cheaper.

LG is showing off a monster 38-inch ultra-wide monitor at IFA

LG is using IFA 2016 to launch a trio of big ultrawide monitors, including a 38-inch behemoth, the largest ultrawide monitor ever produced. Its siblings including a gaming monitor with FreeSync, and a thin-bezel media display.

Knock and the door shall be see-through: New LG fridge door goes transparent

We have all opened the fridge and stood there looking at its contents. At some point someone has told us to close the door. Now LG has come up with the perfect solution with its InstaView refrigerator.
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LG unveils three new speakers, each offering 360 degrees of sound

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a sense of style? It might be worth waiting until the fall, when LG will drop three new models, all featuring 360-degree audio and bold designs.

The Chevy Bolt will have a host of LG components wrapped inside it

GM designed the all-electric Chevy Bolt in its South Korean design studio. Most of the EV-defining parts and systems are made by LG. In anticipation of GM going to full production in October, LG is gearing up to produce the components.

You can try out Android Nougat early on your LG G5 — if you live in South Korea

LG has announced a new program that will allow as many as 2,000 G5 owners to test out the new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system before everyone else. Android Nougat brings a number of new features, such as improved notifications.
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LG's Channel Plus seamlessly integrates streaming content and traditional TV

Even on smart TVs, streaming and tradtitional TV aren't as tightly integrated as they could be. LG is looking to change that with Channel Plus, a new feature that puts TV channels and streaming content side by side.

LG is helping Cadillac build more elegant-looking interiors

Cadillac will introduce a brand new design study in a few days during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The yet-unnamed model will give provide a glimpse into what the Cadillac of tomorrow will look like.