LG’s new V10 has two screens, manual video, and will survive a drop

Many love the LG G4 for its manual camera mode and impressive spec sheet, but LG’s got yet another flagship for creative called the LG V10. It has most of the same specs on the G4, but a few special features.

The $380 LG Nexus 5X is the Nexus 5 successor you’ve been waiting for

Google has announced the Nexus 5X, one of two Nexus phones revealed at a special event in San Francisco. Like the original Nexus 5, the 5X has been made by LG, and here's everything you need to know.

Last minute leaks reveal final clues about the Huawei Nexus 6P 3:29

Rumors are starting to spread about Google's next Nexus phone, and there could be two out in 2015, with one being made by Huawei and the other by LG. Here's what we think we know so far.

LG Class is revealed with a surprising unibody design

LG already has events scheduled for Oct. 1 and Oct. 10, which will likely reveal new smartphones. Now the company is teasing an event for Sept. 21. Could the midrange LG Class smartphone make its debut at that event?

Google promising ‘new treats’ on Sept. 29

You might want to clear a space in your diary on Tuesday, Sept. 29: Google is holding a media event at which it's expected to unveil a new Nexus or two and an updated Chromecast device.

Make the most of the excellent LG G4 with these 10 tips

If you're a new LG G4 owner, or you're just looking to get the most from this excellent smartphone, here are ten of our favorite LG G4 tips and features for you to try out on your own device.

LG’s holding an event on October 1, and here’s what could be revealed

LG has started to send out invitations to a special launch event on October 1, which will be held on New York, Although it hasn't said what will be revealed, there are two exciting LG devices on the horizon, should rumors be true.

LG’s G4 Note could launch on October 10, but the stylus is missing in leaked pics

The second LG flagship smartphone might be coming on October 10, according to new reports from inside Korea. The G4 Note is expected to be the larger phablet to accompany the G4 in 2015.
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LG’s OLED panels point the way forward for display tech: DT Daily 1:34

LG's bendable, double-sided and super-thin OLED display panels are a peek at what you'll be watching in the future. And Google's OnHub looks to vastly simplify setting up wifi in your home.
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LG Display talks flexible, transparent, double-sided OLEDs in IFA keynote

LG Display's CEO, Dr. Sang-Beom Han painted a future of flexible, transparent, wafer thin OLED displays in the opening keynote of IFA in Berlin. There were also some prototypes on show.
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LG’s latest and greatest OLED TVs now stream HDR from Amazon Prime

LG today announced the company's gorgeous top-tier 4K UHD OLED displays will stream High Dynamic Range content from Amazon Prime Instant Video, joining a very elite group of next-gen TVs that support the burgeoning technology.

Stick LG’s sensor on your old appliances to make them smarter

Want smarter appliances without having to buy a new washer or oven? LG wants you to attach its SmartThinQ sensor and get alerts when your laundry is done or your food is going to spoil.