LG will construct an entire factory to build flexible phone screens

LG Display is about to start work on a new factory that's dedicated to producing flexible and foldable screens, that it expects to be the next hot feature on our phones, in our living rooms, and in our cars.


LG’s Bello 2 is nothing to shout about, unless you really love selfies

LG has announced the Bello 2, a follow-up to last year's L Bello smartphone. This time it gets a much improved selfie camera and a sleek new design, but the cool rear-mounted controls have been removed.


LG’s G4 Beat is a great mid-range version of its flagship

LG added yet another G4 variant to the mix called the LG G4 Beat. It's a solid mid-range phone with the look of the flagship and a few special features thrown in to sweeten the deal.


LG G4S rumors: A leaked benchmark reveals mid-range specs

Renders of a cheaper, cut-down LG G4 have leaked ahead of a reported July unveiling. The G4S, as it's known, is expected to come in at a lower price point. It probably will reach emerging markets, reports say.


Get ready for even slimmer laptops with LG’s latest touchscreen displays

LG's latest Advanced In-Cell Touch displays use the same tech it uses in its phones' displays, except here it's scaled up for laptop-sized panels. This means that soon we'll see even lighter, slimmer laptops using these displays.


Rumors start that a massive, security conscious LG G Pro 3 will launch in 2015

Despite earlier reports suggesting the range wasn't going to be continued, there are rumors the LG G Pro 3 may see a 2015 launch after all. Here's all the rumors and news you need to read about the big-screen device.


LG’s hexagonal battery could boost your future smartwatch’s battery

LG Chem, the battery research division of LG, has produced a hexagonal battery for use in wearables. It takes advantage of space current-generation smartwatch batteries currently don't, namely the corners of internal enclosures.


Samsung vs. LG cage match: Watch their best TVs fight, no Pay Per View needed

LG's flagship OLED and Samsung best SUHD LED TV use completely different technologies to arrive at incredible picture quality. We pit the two against each other, showing the differences and discussing which might be best for you.

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LG G4 Pro: Rumors of an October launch and a massive 27-megapixel camera spread

Rumors are gathering that LG isn't finished releasing high-end smartphones in 2015, and may follow-up the G4 with a G4 Pro later this year. News is only just getting started about the phone, so here's everything we thing we know so far.


Say hello to the Minibeam Nano, LG’s smallest and lightest projector to date

If your smartphone photos and other content are calling out for a bigger display, you might want to consider LG's pocket-sized Minibeam Nano projector, the company's smallest and lightest projector to date.

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Video Review: The best-looking 4K TV ever is now even better

After taking honors as the first TV to earn a perfect 10 from DT, LG is back with an update on its 4K UHD OLED TV, the EG9600. An updated webOS 2.0 operating system, slightly new look, and new anti-glare coating mark new features for this year. Find out more…

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LG G4 news: The gorgeous G4 is now available at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and more

The LG G4 smartphone is the company's flagship Android phone for 2015, and it's set to go on sale within the next few weeks, so we've gathered together all the news about its release date, price, and features right here.


Tired of tearing and stuttering? LG’s 4K display with FreeSync will hit shelves this month

After being leaked a few weeks ago, LG has officially confirmed that its 27MU67 4K monitor with FreeSync will launch in June for a very competitive $599


LG G5 rumors begin, starting out with talk of built-in retina scanning tech

It's only just possible to go out and buy the LG G4, but that hasn't stopped speculation starting about next year's LG G5 smartphone. Here's what we've heard about the future device so far.


Microsoft Office and Skype to be preinstalled on new Sony and LG Android tablets

Microsoft's suite of apps, including Office and Skype, will come preinstalled on Android devices from Sony and LG thanks to a new agreement between the companies to bring Microsoft's services to more users.

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