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LinkedIn makes endorsements smarter to help you get noticed

LinkedIn is making endorsements smarter, with new targeting and relevancy improvements that will allow you to get the most from each person who views your profile. It may even land you your next job opportunity.

Watch cops nab the man suspected of the massive 2012 LinkedIn hack

Remember that massive LinkedIn data breach in 2012 that hit the headlines again in May when account holders' information appeared for sale online? Well, cops believe they may now have their man.
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LinkedIn updates app in bid to become your go-to source for business news

LinkedIn is adding a number of news-oriented customization and discovery features to its mobile app to help you get the most out of your feed. It's even borrowed a couple of functions from social media rival Twitter.
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LinkedIn now lets you find work without the fear of getting caught by your boss

LinkedIn has made it possible to look for a new job without anyone else (including your nosy boss) catching on, thanks to its new "Open Candidates" feature, which is now available globally via its Recruiter platform.

Salesforce wants regulators to investigate Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition

Just months after Microsoft Corporation’s $26 billion LinkedIn takeover, Salesforce is insisting that U.S. and EU regulators investigate the acquisition, claiming it poses a threat to competition and data privacy.
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LinkedIn undergoes big redesign in bid to become your new favorite social network

LinkedIn is overhauling its flagship social network, with the addition of new features such as messaging bots, and trending news, in an effort to boost engagement. The company also debuted a new online learning platform.
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LinkedIn strips down its social network to target mobile users in India

LinkedIn is targeting its second-biggest market with a stripped-back version of its mobile website. LinkedIn Lite is exclusive to India, and can load four times faster regardless of the device or network used to access it.
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LinkedIn embraces video with Q & A clips from its top influencers

LinkedIn is introducing videos to its social network with the help of its Influencers. Industry leaders will discuss business trends in the short clips that will appear in users' feeds, allowing for interaction through comments.

Looking for a new boyfriend or boss? You can now use Bumble for both

Bumble, the female-forward app that shook up the online dating scene when it first appeared in app stores in 2014, is now expanding its reach even further and taking on LinkedIn as it introduces BumbleBizz.

SEC filing from LinkedIn acquisition reveals five suitors

Documents filed with the SEC on Friday unveiled that there were at least five total corporations interested in buying up the business-oriented social network. Aside from Microsoft, the other four remain unnamed.
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Tech firms rule LinkedIn’s list of the most appealing companies for job seekers

LinkedIn has published its first-ever ranking of the companies that its 433 million users want to work for the most. Tech firms dominate the U.S. segment of the results, occupying every single position on the top ten.
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Microsoft just bought LinkedIn for a cool $26.2 billion

In an announcement this morning, Microsoft revealed that it had acquired LinkedIn for "$196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash."