Good news: The online job search is getting easier, more effective, and better-looking

New apps are starting to evolve the ancient art of the job search. Check out some of our favorite new ways to get out there and land your dream job.

Facebook Highlights: The beginning of paid social networking?

Facebook is testing a system that lets user pay to make their status updates more visible. What's the idea? And where is this going to lead?

Why BranchOut is not a LinkedIn killer

Does anyone else think using your Facebook profile to get a job sounds hazardous to your career's health?
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Visitors spend an average of three minutes a month on Google+

While Google continues to push Google+ integration into more Google products like YouTube and Gmail, the social network is lagging behind competitors significantly in regards to user engagement.

Three reasons why ID theft increased in 2011 and how you can protect yourself

ID theft increased by 13 percent in 2011 over the previous year, according to a new study from Javelin Strategy & Research. Find out why and how you can protect yourself better.
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Bing’s ‘Linked Pages’ feature allows anyone to customize their search profile

While Google is relying on Google+ to provide related pages in regards to a user profile, Microsoft is adding a new function to the existing Facebook social feature that directs users to relevant pages.

Anonymous publishes email exchange with Symantec over $50K payoff

While Anonymous continues to go after public governments and corporations, Internet security firm Symantec is the latest company to receive attention from the hacking collective.
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UMass social media study highlights shift in how companies converse with consumers

A long-standing marketing study from UMass Dartmouth points to an first time drop in blogging among Inc. 500 companies, and an increase in adoption among platforms like Facebook and Twitter
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Dutch airline wants you to use social sites to choose who you sit by

A forthcoming application for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will allow users to opt-in and find out who from social networking sites is on their flight.

Mozilla asks users to join ‘Stop SOPA & PIPA’ campaign

Following in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, Tumblr and other tech companies, Mozilla is taking steps to help block the passage of SOPA and PIPA, legislation that have the potential to fundamentally change the Internet.
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Survey: Facebook is nearly twice as successful over Linkedin for getting hired

With the national unemployment rate in the United States is at nine percent as of October 2011, more job seekers are turning to social networks to help them find a new job.

Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad [updated]

Internet giants have taken to the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Washington Times, to fight back against SOPA, the Internet censorship bill.