LulzSec returns – hacks website of Murdoch’s Sun newspaper

As if Rupert Murdoch didn't have enough on his plate at the moment - LulzSec came out of retirement on Monday to hack the website of the UK's most widely read newspaper, the Sun. The hacking group posted a fake report claiming that the…

Report: Second quarter ‘one of worst on record’ for online security

Attacks against company and government websites perpetrated by "hacktivist" groups like LulzSec and Anonymous are giving rise to a new era of insecurity on the Internet, according to a new report.

AntiSec hackers target Apple servers

Anonymous shows that Apple's famously secure network might not be as air tight as some thought with a new data breach of

Anonymous’ third attack turns Arizona police and FOP into punching bags

Anonymous hits Arizona once again defacing FOP sites, releasing PD documents and generally turning these groups into punching bags.

LulzSec changes wardrobe, hits Brazil, Anguilla and Zimbabwe governments as AntiSec

The new LulzSec AntiSec incarnation keeps on hacking, exposes data from the Anguilla, Brazil, Zimbabwe governments and more.

Anonymous releases counter-hacking manual

Anonymous has returned to the forefront of the hacker war against authority with the release of a "counter-cyberterrorism" manual, along with data on the FBI.

LulzSec hacker identities apparently outed by rival group

Lulz Security called out by rival group The A-Team in a newly posted document that outs the identities of key LulzSec members.

Sony PS3 hacker George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz ‘works for Facebook’

Huge news in the hacker world: Renowned PS3 and iPhone jailbreaker George "GeoHot" Hotz now reportedly works for Facebook.

LulzSec calls it quits after 50 days of hacks

LulzSec is finished. The group announced today that it will no longer be swinging its hacker sword against its corporate and governmental enemies.

TeaMp0isoN hackers hit former British PM Tony Blair, leak address book

Hacker group TeaMp0isoN has released a trove of private data that it claims belongs to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Australian ISPs to voluntarily filter net, nervous about hack reprisals

Major Australian ISPs are agreeing to filter using Federal lists of child porn sites, but are nervous about hacktivist attention from the likes of LulzSec and Anonymous

LulzSec hits Arizona police computers, reveals sensitive data

Arizona police officials get their computers hacked by Lulz Security who uploaded a huge file of sensitive data onto a popular file sharing site.