90 percent of companies have been hacked, survey shows

A new survey shows that business vastly under-fund cybersecurity measures, which as led to a massive surge in computer breaches.

LulzSec hacked by TeaMp0isoN

As one of its alleged members is charged with cybercrime offenses, LulzSec meets yet another enemy.

FBI seizes DigitalOne servers in Virginia raid

The FBI has raided DigitalOne servers in Virginia in a hunt for hackers.

Identifying the hacktivists of the emerging cyberwar

The hacktivist landscape has become increasingly cluttered, and while the anonymity they cling to makes clearly labeling each player difficult, the rising division between these groups is beginning to give them distinct identities.

Suspected LulzSec mastermind arrested in UK

Scotland Yard has arrested a 19-year-old they say is the leader of hacker group LulzSec. The group denies that authorities have arrested any of their members.

Hacker vigilantes Web Ninjas lashing out at LulzSec

Web Ninjas, the hacking group with possible ties to Th3J35t3r, is lashing out at LulzSec and claiming to have exposed their leader Sabu.

LulzSec and Anonymous unite for Operation Anti-Security

The two hacktivist groups join forces to push their government transparency and Internet security agendas.

Sega warns of Sega Pass hacking, theft of e-mail addresses, birth dates, encrypted passwords

Sega confirms that Sega Pass gaming forums and press resource pages have been breached by an external intrusion, with user e-mail addresses, birth dates and encrypted passwords having been stolen.

LulzSec to critics: We’re doing you all a favor

The public hacker shenanigans of LulzSec should be the least of our worries, the group explains in a new statement. It's the secret hacks we should all be concerned about.

LulzSec wages war with Anonymous and 4Chan, releases 62,000 logins [update]

The Internet underground has erupted in civil war, with hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous facing off in a DDoS battle. Oh, and your most precious online accounts might also be at risk. Just FYI...

LulzSec DDoS attacks disrupt CIA and other U.S. agencies’ sites

Hacking group LulzSec focuses embarrasing attacks on U.S. agencies; hacks CIA website, hits FBI Chicago and may have infiltrated the Senate again.

LulzSec now taking phone requests for DDoS attacks

Have a website you just can't stand? LulzSec is happily taking requests through a hotline for its infamous DDoS services.