Lytro’s new ‘Immerge’ camera may revolutionize how virtual reality is recorded

Lytro, the company that pioneered light-field camera technology, announced it is developing a VR camera solution. With its light-field technology, Lytro says the new Immerge can create experiences with sense of depth, making it seem more…

Lytro opens Tokyo storefront as light-field experience center

Have you ever wanted to try out Lytro's light-field technology and cameras? The company has just opened its first retail location. Unfortunately, you'll have to go to Tokyo to experience it.

Lytro to lay off big chunk of staff, refocus its technology on virtual reality

Despite a new round of venture capital investment, Lytro announced that it is cutting staff and shifting its business toward video and virtual reality. CEO Jason Rosenthal says light-field technology is perfect for VR.

Lytro’s Illum light-field camera takes adventure photography to new heights

Iceland is one of photographer Chris Burkard's favorite places to shoot. He returns to the country, but this time he is armed with Lytro's new Illum, a new high-end light-field camera that lets you refocus and interact with the…

Toshiba plans to end photobombing once and for all

Toshiba has provided a few more details about its unusual dual-lens smartphone camera module, which will not only offer Lytro-like refocusing, but also the ability to remove objects from images taken with the camera.

Refocusing cameras are so last year: Is Lytro at risk of losing its magic?

Despite amassing $90 million in funding and a promise of "awesome" products in 2014, Lytro has struggled to sell its innovative light-field camera this year. We take a look at where the company could possibly take its technology next.

Future iPhone cameras could employ Lytro-like light-field tech for image refocusing

Apple has been awarded a U.S. patent for a camera system that can refocus an image after it has been shot. The system uses light-field technology that's similar to Lytro.

Exclusive: Nexus 5 probably won’t feature Lytro-like camera tech (Updated)

Rumors have been flying that the Nexus 5 may come with DigitalOptics' Lytro-like camera technology built-in, but according to an anonymous source, it may all be wishful thinking.

Lytro CEO channels Elon Musk, promises ‘breakthrough’ products akin to a Tesla S

While acknowledging layoffs that occurred earlier this year, new Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal says "breakthrough" products are on their way in 2014. While imaging related, Rosenthal says the products will be Lytro's "Tesla S."

Lytro turns on Wi-Fi, gets social with new animated GIF-creating iOS app

As it continues to evolve its camera with new features, Lytro's latest firmware update turns on a hidden Wi-Fi radio. Also, a new companion iOS app lets you create animated GIFs of your photos.

Nokia may introduce Lytro-like camera on its Lumia phones

After purchasing Pelican Imaging, it seems that Nokia may be working toward introducing a Lytro-esque camera into its smartphones in the future. The technology would allow users to choose the focal point of images after taking the picture.

Welcome to the real world: Hardware takes over SXSW

The hardware evolution cannot be stopped, and even an app-loving festival like SXSW is getting a taste of this digital evolution. Does this mean the age of apps is over or that we're starting to experiment with new social experiences - ones…