Want to use one drive between a Mac and Windows PC? Partitioning is your best bet

Compatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X may have diminished sharply over the years, but that doesn't mean they've completely disappeared. Here's how to make an external drive work between both operating systems.


Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app available now, lets you control PC from Mac

Anyone interested in helming a Windows PC from the comfort of their MacBook can do so starting today, as Microsoft has gone ahead and published a preview edition of its Remote Desktop app for Mac, according to a company blog post.


New video outlines IBM’s plan to switch from Windows to Mac

Jeff Smith, IBM's Chief Information Officer, has outlined a goal to switch up to 75 percent of IBM employees from Lenovo systems running Windows to Apple's MacBook.


You can’t talk to Siri on your Mac, but you’ll soon be able to chat with Cortana

Microsoft's Cortana is coming with Windows 10, but its support won't end there. A leaked screenshot shows that virtualization company Parallels will be bringing to virtual assistant to Mac OS X -- even when Windows isn't running in the foreground.


How to send encrypted emails

While the average email service doesn't do much to protect your emails there is another level of service that offers email encryption.There are dozens of encryption options available, from plugins to web services. Let's take a look at the best .


Students: Buy a new Mac and score a free pair of Beats

Apple quietly rolls out a new deal today for students heading back to school, as well as parents of said students, teachers, faculty, and staff. Buying a new Mac under Apple's education deal procures a free pair of Beats Solo 2 on-ear headphones.


Why buy a new Mac, when you can buy refurbished?

Because refurbished Apple products cannot be sold at MSRP, they are typically sold at a discount. How much money you save depends on the product, what went wrong, and availability -- but refurbished models are often a great deal.


Apple Mac market share increases in US, despite apparent sales drop

Although there are some contradictory estimates by different organizations, Gartner has it that Apple sales have fallen off by a few percent in the US over the last year, with Lenovo hoovering up much of the other PC makers' leftovers.


These five new features will make you respect OS X El Capitan

The latest version of OS X, known as El Capitan, is incoming. While it's not as large of an update as its predecessor, Yosemite, it still has a few awesome new features up its sleeve.


Guess the name of OS X 10.11 for a chance to win an Apple TV!

No one knows the name of OS X 10.11, the next version of Apple's Mac operating system. Correctly read the mind of Cupertino's brand managers, and you'll win an Apple TV!


They come when you sleep — backdoor that operates in sleep mode opens permanent vulnerability in OSX

Formatting your drive and re-installing your operating system are no protection against the latest discovered Mac vulnerability, which allows for the flashing of the system's BIOS, right after it comes out of sleep mode.


How to connect a PS4 controller to a Mac

Gaming on a Mac need not be limited by a single button mouse. Check out our guide to connecting a PlayStation 4 controller to a Mac, so you can game with a dedicated device opposed to a peripheral.


Java for Mac now includes the same adware as Windows version

Mac users are set to experience the same frustration that Windows users have for some time, as Oracle has started including the Ask toolbar with the new OS X Java update.


Get your game on: How to connect a PlayStation 3 controller to a Mac

The need to use a dedicated console controller on a Mac is higher than ever considering the platform's significant increase in popularity during the last several years. Here's our simple walkthrough on how to connect a PlayStation 3 controller to a Mac.