Tuxera Disk Manager works around El Capitan to format drives that work with Windows

Releasing next week, Tuxera Disk Manager forgoes OS X El Capitan's System Integration Protection in favor of letting Mac owners use and repair NTFS-formatted drives.

Windows support scammers broaden their horizons, begin targeting Macs

Remember the age-old "calling from Windows" scam on PC? Well, according to some new findings, Apple users are at risk of experiencing a similar scam being instigated by fake "technicians."

Only five percent of IBM staffers on a Mac need IT support

Only five percent of IBM employees using Macs make calls to the help desk for assistance, reducing the ratio of support staff to 1:5,400 within the company, according to an IBM executive.

OS X code alludes to Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and new Magic Trackpad

It looks like Apple is prepping a new set of Mac peripherals. This speculation stems from code discovered in the most recent OS X beta, located in the Bluetooth IO section of the source code.
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A veteran of the original Mac team gives his verdict on the new Jobs movie

Andy Hertzfeld was a key member of the team that worked on the first Mac computer, and is portrayed in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic by Michael Stuhlbarg. Find out his thoughts on the new film.

Remember! OS X 10.11 El Capitan is coming tomorrow

September 30 is the release date for the latest version of OS X, 10.11, also known as El Capitan. The update will work on most Macs that are six years old or newer, and we have the list of those that are compatible.

After six years of the same, what should we expect from Apple’s next mouse and keyboard?

Since 2009, Apple has been bundling the Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard with its iMac computers. FCC documents indicate the company is finally ready to replace them, but will it be to the benefit of users?

Deck out your Mac setup with WD’s new 12TB hard drive rack

Constantly running out of space on your Mac? Western Digital may have a solution for you, as the storage giant has begun to ship a hard drive rack with support for up to 12TB of external hard drive space.

How to fix audio issues in Mac OS X

If you have been particularly bugged by sound problems with a Mac system, this is the place to be. There are several common reasons for audio issues, and most can be fixed by tweaking a few setting.

Want to use one drive between a Mac and Windows PC? Partitioning is your best bet

Compatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X may have diminished sharply over the years, but that doesn't mean they've completely disappeared. Here's how to make an external drive work between both operating systems.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app available now, lets you control PC from Mac

Anyone interested in helming a Windows PC from the comfort of their MacBook can do so starting today, as Microsoft has gone ahead and published a preview edition of its Remote Desktop app for Mac, according to a company blog post.

New video outlines IBM’s plan to switch from Windows to Mac

Jeff Smith, IBM's Chief Information Officer, has outlined a goal to switch up to 75 percent of IBM employees from Lenovo systems running Windows to Apple's MacBook.