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Microsoft unwraps OneNote for Mac OS X, and makes it free to use as well

Microsoft just unveiled OneNote for Mac OS X, which is free to use, the company announced via an official blog post today. Learn more here.

Nat Geo Channel unearths Steve Jobs’ Mouse from time capsule

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Heads up! A new Mac OS X virus is stealing Bitcoins

A tainted app for Mac OS X can steal Bitcoins from you if you install it. Here's what you need to know so you can ensure that you don't come in contact with it. Read on to learn more.

Apple still celebrating Mac birthday, uses itself to pay tribute to … itself

A week and a half later, Apple is still celebrating the Mac's 30th. You can watch their newest tribute clip here. While it's cool, the timing for the video's release has us scratching our heads.

Apple’s Mac sales spiked 19 percent last quarter thanks to iMac, MacBook Air

Mac is a big part of Apple's business, and business is good! Apple reported that sales of Mac computers rose by 19 percent last quarter when compared with the same quarter a year prior. Read on to learn more here.

How’s this for some perspective? Check out the specs for the 1984 128k Mac desktop

On a day like today, which is the 30th birthday of the original Mac desktop, we thought it'd be cool if we took a look at the specs of this ancient and historic computer. Read on to learn more.

Apple celebrates, pays tribute to the Mac’s 30th on its homepage

Today is the 30th birthday of the original Apple Mac desktop computer, which hit the market on January 24, 1984. If you head over to Apple's site, you'll find that they're quite proud of the Mac's heritage.

Apple engineer says OS X and iOS will not merge

There have been whispers about Mac's OS X and iOS operating systems merging together for quite some time now. However, if you ask one Apple engineer, that simply won't be happening.

Future MacBooks could have trackpads without buttons

The MacBook's trackpad could see some significant changes down the line. One of these twists could the dismissal of its integrated buttons, if a new patent awarded to Apple is any indication.

Apple’s Mac Pro ship dates pushed back to March in U.S., Europe, more

Oh Apple, what the fudge? First, the Mac Pro's shipping date was shoved from December to February. Now, some places won't be getting it until March. We can't really believe it either.

When two is too many: How to merge multiple PDF files

Sometimes juggling multiple files at once is often more of a hassle than a convenience, especially when a single file would do. Check out our quick guide on how to merge PDF files, whether you prefer using Windows, Mac OS X or Web-based software.

11 simple ways to speed up your Mac

Time wears on nearly everything — and Apple's flagship products are no exception. Check out our guide on how to speed up your beloved machine using 11 tips and tricks for clearing the unnecessary clutter and optimizing the applications at hand,

A bunch of early 2011 MacBook Pro owners are running into video and heating problems

A large sect of early 2011 MacBook Pro owners have been running into big problems with their notebook's display, with multiple posts on an official Apple forum thread indicating heat, display and GPU issues.

How to force shutdown a Mac

There comes a time when, for better or worse, every Mac user must face what many dub the "Spinning Beach Ball of Death." To bump it away, check out our quick guide on how to perform a force shutdown on your Mac.

Mac Pro selling for more than double on eBay

Sometimes when there are product shortages in the tech world, the people who got in on the game early attempt to capitalize by selling the new stuff on eBay. It's happening again with the Mac Pro.

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