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Love it! Facebook launches reaction emojis globally 2:37

Facebook now offers several reaction emojis to enhance its like button. Now you can express love, anger, sadness, shock and more for any post you might otherwise have simply liked. It's not an unlike button, bit it will do.

Kim Jong Un photo shows him cosied up to even more Apple hardware

Although we're not sure if he just likes the aesthetics, or appreciates its substance, Kim Jong Un is clearly a fan of Apple hardware, as he's now been snapped with a MacBook on his desk.

A bunch of Mac apps are reportedly easy to hack, and the solution is taxing

As security researcher and programmer Radek points out, a plethora of Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan applications are vulnerable to cyberattacks until developers convert their update servers to utilize the more secure HTTPS channels.

Apple’s latest patent could let you type without a keyboard

If this patent makes its way into Apple's production, it could mean new support for close proximity gestures on future iPhones, or even a virtual keyboard and touchpad for Apple devices.
Movies & TV

Latest Walking Dead teaser warns of utter peril to come 0:30

The latest teaser for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead replays the last scene of the final episode, reminding you that good things are not to come as the group departs on their next adventure.

Prank website causes Safari to crash and forces iPhones and iPads to reboot

Think twice before you click on links. A new prank has been identified that is causing a headache for many iPhone and iPad users as it forces their devices to overheat and eventually reboot.

Facebook Messenger for Mac desktop app spied in leaked photo

Facebook appears to be working on a Messenger desktop app for Mac computers, according to TechCrunch. The company declined to comment on a leaked photo, which appears to show a Facebook employee using a version of the Messenger app on a Mac…

Apple shares in 2015 suffered their first negative year in eight years

For the first time since 2008, Apple shares experienced a down year in 2015. Some analysts believe this is a sign of Apple's momentum finally slowing down, though Wall Street remains optimistic.
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50-person private notes and dark mode added to Twitter for Mac

Twitter for Mac users can look forward to much less eye strain when viewing tweets in the early or late hours, as the latest update has added a dark mode. It also lets you quote tweets and send DMs to some 50 people.

Database of 13 million MacKeeper users easily accessed online

Data on 13 million MacKeeper users, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and poorly hashed passwords, were left on an open database online. The passwords were protected with an outdated hashing algorithm.

Humble Neo Geo Bundle serves up arcade classics in a browser window

The latest pay-what-you-want compilation from Humble Bundle collects a wide variety of PC-combatible Neo Geo classics from SNK, and many featured games are playable within the Firefox and Chrome Internet browsers.

Patina wants to be your go-to Mac alternative to Microsoft Paint

Yesterday, Atek, Inc. released Patina on the OS X App Store. It's a drawing tool for non-professionals, similar to that of Microsoft Paint while pandering to the average Mac user's sense of design.