Close to the Metal Ep. 13: Does MacOS Sierra prove Apple doesn’t care about the Mac?

Apple's newest version of Mac OS X - sorry, MacOS - offers a few interesting new features, including Siri. But is it enough to restore faith in Mac fanatics?

‘Rocket League Rumble,’ complete with Mac/Linux support, lands this month

Psyonix has announced that in the next free update to Rocket League, Rumble mode will be introduced. It's a version of the game that includes wacky power-ups. Also included in the update with be beta Mac and Linux support.

Update brings 64-bit support and performance boosts to Office 2016 for Mac

Having announced its plan to introduce 64-bit support for the Mac version of its Office suite back in April, Microsoft has now started distributing the upgrade to users via a software update.

The Wolfe could turn your MacBook into a gaming powerhouse, if it’s funded

MacBooks don't offer the best graphics performance, but what if you could plug in an external card? The Wolfe aims to be just that, and it's debuting on Kickstarter.

RIP Chrome apps: Google is killing them off for Windows and Mac

Looks like Chrome apps weren't as popular as Google may have liked them to be, which is why the company will be phasing them out over the next few years. By early 2018, Chrome apps won't be available on Windows or Mac.

Mac users, watch those links! New, convincing malware wants to trick you into clicking

Mac malware is rarely as sophisticated as its Windows counterparts, and this latest discovery is no different. It needs users to actively choose to install Advanced Mac Cleaner, which opens the flood-gates for a torrent of pointless apps.

Tekserve's demise means you could get your hands on a collection of classic Macs

The most coveted vintage items? They're not shoes, bags, or other article of clothing. Rather, for the time being at least, they're old-school Mac computers, and you can get your hands on some thanks to the unfortunate closing of Tekserve.
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Mess with this hilarious fake emulation of Seinfeld's 1993 Macintosh

A parody Twitter user called Seinfeld2000 has created a functional comedic emulation of Jerry Seinfeld's 1993 Macintosh, complete with music, photos, and a hilarious search history.

Apple dishes out Pay upgrades with fifth MacOS 10.12 developer beta

Apple released the fifth beta of MacOS 10.12 Sierra to developers, adding a few features such as Apple Pay-compatible device sniffing and a keychain update. It arrives one week after beta four hit developers with emoji changes.

Survey: Windows 10 privacy concerns may drive customers over to the Mac

A recent OnePoll survey reveals that many Windows customers would definitely consider or might consider switching to a Mac over Windows 10 privacy concerns. It arrives after France slapped Microsoft with a warning to fix how Windows 10…

Apple Pencil concept could let you use a stylus to control your Mac in lieu of a mouse

Apple filed a patent that describes an Apple Pencil compatible with Mac trackpads. It would also support "air" gestures, and could theoretically be used as a game controller or mouse replacement.

HP updates its Z240 workstation with more memory and a Core i7-6700K

HP released a third-generation model of its Z240 tower workstation on Tuesday, supporting more memory, a faster processor, an M.2 slot, optional HP Z Turbo SSDs, and more. The RGS receiver for Mac was dated too, slated to be released soon.