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Apple signals the end of the line for some Macs by declaring them vintage, obsolete

Although Apple appears to be no slouch in terms of supporting its products, even it has to draw the line somewhere. Starting on December 31, a number of Apple Macs will be dropped from the support rolls and be officially declared as…

Close to the Metal Ep. 22: Apple MacBook Pro live review 44:26

Apple's MacBook Pro has finally received an update, but it's expensive. Is it worth the upgrade? We go in-depth on this week's Close to the Metal podcast.

Apple responds to criticism over 16GB memory limit on latest MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has finally landed, and some users are turning a critical eye toward design Apple’s design decisions. Apple’s own Phil Schiller has personally addressed some of those concerns.

No screen’s too small for ‘Doom’: Classic game now playable on MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro's new Touch Bar has been officially canonized by video game fanatics, with a port of id Software's classic first-person shooter Doom now playable within the tiny confines of Apple's miniature touchscreen display.

Apple’s MacBook Pro ad has robots, drones, and hundreds of exploding lightbulbs

Apple has just rolled out a TV ad for its latest MacBook Pro, the one with the OLED Touch Bar. It's a lively, entertaining affair, and one the tech giant hopes will nudge consumers toward forking out for its latest laptop.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar’s SSD soldered to logic board, preventing upgrades

Looking to upgrade the storage in your brand-new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Well, according to an intrepid MacRumors reader who pried open his factory-fresh MacBook Pro, it appears that the SSD is not removable and not expandable.

2016 Macbook Pros becoming more versatile as Touch Bar receives more app support

Apple's Mac App Store is listing MacBook Pro OLED Touch Bar-enabled applications, and there are currently 15 apps being highlighted as supporting the innovative new input device to one degree or another.

Despite complaints, initial sales of Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro have been incredibly brisk

In spite of a chorus of complaints around the lack of real innovation in its recent MacBook Pro release, Apple is still enjoying brisk sales of the new machines that are approaching the MacBook's total revenue.

Watch this hilarious ‘Apple engineer’ explain the MacBook Pro’s lack of ports

Apple appeared to disappoint a lot of potential customers when it ditched most of the ports on its latest MacBook Pro laptops. This brilliant parody video gives us the behind-the-scenes story as to how it came about....

Confirmed: No Touch Bar support for Apple’s Logic Pro X music editor in 2016

Apple confirmed in a recent email when Logic Pro X will receive an update supporting the Touch Bar hardware in new MacBook Pros. Don't expect support anytime soon, however, as the music production tool won't utilize this feature in 2016.

Check out our guide to Apple's MacBook Pro before you empty your wallet

Absent from annual product cycles for two years, it’s a new world out there for the MacBook Pro. So with that in mind let’s take a look at every change that Apple made for this new iteration.

Apple slashes the price of USB-C dongles over MacBook Pro port outcry

MacBook Pro customers, Apple has heard your cries! The company has slashed the prices of its USB-C dongles in response to the criticism surrounding the ports available on the new MacBook Pro.