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Apple hopes to fix graphics and other glitches in macOS Sierra 10.12.3 update

Apple's MacBook Pro line has suffered from some graphical glitches and other problems since its launch in 2016. Apple is addressing those and other issues in its latest update to macOS Sierra 10.12.3,

Apple's 2017 MacBook Pro refresh could make power users happy

Apple is not likely to put legacy expansion ports back into the machines, but battery life and more powerful components could be coming. And Apple may be planning to give professional Mac users the larger RAM they've been craving.

MacBook Pro saves life of man in Florida airport shooting

Five people were killed and eight were injured in Friday's shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. One man says that a MacBook Pro in his backpack saved his life.

Apple rumored to be switching to IGZO displays before the end of 2017

It's being reported that Apple is preparing to switch out the amorphous silicon display currently used in its MacBook Pro for an IGZO panel, and the transition could take place before the end of 2017.

Elgato releases Thunderbolt 3 dock to alleviate MacBook Pro connectivity woes

Elgato is joining in on the quest to alleviate 2016 MacBook Pro connectivity woes with their own Thunderbolt 3 dock, which they've announced in conjunction with CES 2017 to arrive in the first quarter 2017.

Did you get a new MacBook Pro? You may want the new Spotify, too

If you have a new MacBook, you may want to get the new Spotify to go along with it. Now that your machine has received a few upgrades, so too has your favorite music-streaming software.

Apple strips estimated battery time from the latest MacOS developer preview

Apple is showing off its courage once again by removing the remaining battery life estimations from MacOS, in response to users unhappy with the poor run-times between charging cycles.

Adobe updates Photoshop to use MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, with customization aplenty

Although there are still a few of us scratching our heads at the point of the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, that hasn't stopped Adobe improving its functionality with an official update to Photoshop, which adds commands and customization.

Microsoft Surface sales skyrocket, thanks in part to 'disappointing' Macbook Pros

Microsoft said on Monday that professionals and general consumers disappointed with Apple's new MacBook Pros helped boost Surface device sales in November. The company claimed customers are moving from Macs to Surface devices now more than…

Check out 'Pac-Man' as he chomps his way across Apple's new Touch Bar

Someone crammed Pac-Man into the Touch Bar found on the latest MacBook Pros. It doesn't offer the full maze but rather a single path full of dots. It's one of many apps and games developers have created to run on the new Touch Bar…

Turn your MacBook Pro's Touch Bar into a piano with this app

The new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar has been a controversial addition, but it seems like some creators are getting a kick out of it. One such person is the developer behind this app, which turns the Touch Bar into a piano.

Apple signals the end of the line for some Macs by declaring them vintage, obsolete

Although Apple appears to be no slouch in terms of supporting its products, even it has to draw the line somewhere. Starting on December 31, a number of Apple Macs will be dropped from the support rolls and be officially declared as…