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Next MacBook Pro said to include OLED ‘touch bar’ to replace some keys

Will Apple ever update its MacBook Pro machine? A usually reliable analyst says to expect a lighter, slimmer design before the end of the year, adding that it'll include an OLED "touch bar" across the top as well as Touch ID support.

Asus' Zenbook UX501 is the budget alternative to Apple's MacBook Pro, but is it better?

This head-to-head fight pits the venerable 15-inch MacBook Pro against the Zenbook UX501, a similarly-equipped, all-metal laptop from Asus. If you're on the fence, be sure to check out this in-depth comparison.

DoBox could inexpensively replace most of your Apple peripherals, if it works as advertised

From English startup This is DoBox, DoBox is a small, inexpensive device that's proposing an onslaught on an extensive list of different proprietary Apple devices, from AirPort to Apple TV.

Which MacBook Pro 13 should you buy?

A new MacBook Pro 13 is a big investment, so it's important to buy the right model. We've evaluated all the options and selected the version we think is the best value for most buyers.

MacBook Pro owners affected by video issues given extension

Apple has announced an extension to a repair program set up last year, which aims to fix some MacBook Pro systems manufactured between 2011 and 2013 that are now suffering video issues.

$2,000 15-inch laptop showdown: Dell’s XPS 15 vs. Apple’s MacBook Pro 15 with Retina

While it may seem like a fair fight on paper, there's actually a clear winner in this battle of Apple versus Windows' favorite son, Dell, and it might not be the side you expect.

Want a MacBook, but can’t afford one? Try one of these offbeat alternatives

Apple's MacBook Air and Pro are great, but they're also expensive, leaving many searching for affordable alternatives. We've found them, and they'll save you hundreds without sacrificing performance or portability.

Which MacBook model should you buy?

Apple's line-up of MacBooks has started to swell, leaving fans a bit confused about which they should buy. All of are decent systems, but there is one that currently stands out from the rest.

Microsoft Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro 13: Spec Showdown 4:20

The MacBook Pro 13 has long been the gold standard for laptops, but Microsoft's new, more versatile Surface Book offers an alternative. Will it drive old-fashioned laptops extinct, or does the Pro prove the clamshell still has…

Apple may face legal action over MacBook Pro screen stains

Thousands of users are reporting staining on their older MacBook Pro screens, and a class action suit may be in the pipeline — but Apple says there aren't any problems with the hardware.

Watch this broken heart saw everything he and his now ex-wife owned in half

In what must be the most literal interpretation of a breakup in the history of relationships, a German man has recorded himself cutting all worldly possessions once owned by himself and his now ex-wife in half.

Say goodbye to the iPad Mini: Apple removes the device from stores

The iPad Mini has been quietly pulled from the Apple store as Apple filters it out due to lacking popularity. The device was the only non-retina tablet for sale and marks the end of an era!