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Mac rumor roundup: A 12-inch MacBook, cheaper iMacs, OS X Mavericks ready to go

Apple says it has “a lot to cover” at it’s October 22 announcement, and while we know new iPads are on the way, new Macs are likely coming as well. From MacBook Pro updates to a brand-new 12-inch MacBook, here’s what some sources…

Pimp my MacBook: 10 best MacBook Pro accessories

There are many reasons to love the MacBook Pro, but sometimes the built-in specs and features just don't cut it. Here are some of our picks for the best MacBook Pro accessories, from hard drives to hookups, to make the most out of Apple's…

Best Buy cuts MacBook Pro price by $200, is a revamp imminent?

Best Buy and Apple itself have both been offering price cuts and incentives for the MacBook Pro. Does this mean we're gearing up to see a new refresh of the popular Apple notebook?

PNY launches StorEdge SD card-sized expandable storage for your MacBook

Need more on-board storage than the puny 64GB SSD on your MacBook Air? This PNY StorEdge card adds up to 128GB of space to your laptop through its SD slot – but just don't call it an SD card.

Best Buy recalls thousands of MacBook Pro batteries due to fire, burn hazards

Electronics retail giant Best Buy is recalling thousands of MacBook Pro replacement batteries following a number of incidents where the battery had caught fire, including one which resulted in “a serious burn to a consumer’s leg.”

MacBook 2013 Rumor Roundup: What we know about Apple’s new laptops

With Apple's WWDC just days away, we take one last look at the slew of rumors about both the MacBook Air and Pro that we've been hearing about since WWDC ended last June. Will the Air get a Retina display? Will both lines get Haswell?…

WWDC 2013 Rumor Roundup: What does Apple have in store? [updated]

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on June 10 in San Francisco. What can you expect to see? We take a look at some of the rumors.

Apple knocks $100 off 13-inch MacBook Pros for students

Just days before Intel formally launches its new Haswell chips at Computex, and weeks before WWDC 2013, Apple quietly slashes prices on two 13-inch MacBook Pros for students based in the U.S.

Dear Apple: Please make these 4 upgrades to the next MacBook Pro, ‘K, thanks

New processors from Intel are scheduled to release this summer, which makes a refresh of the Macbook Pro in June of 2013 all but certain. What features should Apple include in the next Pro, and what features are we most likely to see?

Study says the most reliable Windows laptop is … a MacBook Pro?

While not built for the Windows operating system in particular, according to PC troubleshooting firm Soluto, Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro offers what could be the most stable environment for the Microsoft-owned OS.

Stolen MacBook Pro ends up in Iran, spawns Tumblr of shame for both parties

When UK animator Dom Del Torto's MacBook Pro was stolen, he used a tracking app to find it, and oh did he find it ... all the way in Iran. Posting photos of the new owner on a Tumblr, he quickly learned the "thief" was innocent.

Zendock removes cord clutter, gives MacBook owners organized bliss

A husband and wife entrepreneurial duo have devised the Zendock, which is a new dock that not only looks nice when attached to your MacBook, but also controls cord clutter on your desk.