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Chinese whispers point to 2014 MacBook redesign

Patiently waiting for Apple's 2014 laptop refresh? According to reputable sources in China, the company is planning some significant changes to its MacBook lines in the coming months.

2014 MacBook Air to include 12-Inch Retina display?

One analyst speculates about the 2014 version of the MacBook Air, which could include a 12-inch Retina display. Read on to learn more.

Future MacBooks could have trackpads without buttons

The MacBook's trackpad could see some significant changes down the line. One of these twists could the dismissal of its integrated buttons, if a new patent awarded to Apple is any indication.

A bunch of early 2011 MacBook Pro owners are running into video and heating problems

A large sect of early 2011 MacBook Pro owners have been running into big problems with their notebook's display, with multiple posts on an official Apple forum thread indicating heat, display and GPU issues.

Is wireless charging coming to the iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook?

Apple's products already carry premium price tags. Of course, that's no secret. But what would happen to those asking prices if they each included the ability to be powered wirelessly?

Rotten Apple? New 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro owners report multiple problems

Got a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina? Have you had any problems with it? You're not the only one. A lengthy thread in the Apple forums indicates that many people have experienced issues.

MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Pro Retina: Which Apple should you bite into and why?

Apple is still selling a 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro, but should you put it at the top of your shopping list? We break down the difference between Apple's two MacBook's and lay out exactly which model you should buy.

Download down! Problems keeping you from snagging OS X Mavericks? Here’s our fix guide

Having trouble downloading Mavericks? Our tips could help you get out of your jam and into Apple's latest free OS.

MacBook Pro 2013 vs. MacBook Pro 2012: spec showdown

Apple recently unveiled two new Retina MacBook Pro models at its keynote address in San Francisco, but how do the incremental updates compare spec wise to the former Retina MacBook Pro? Check out our spec showdown for a side-by-side look at…

Apple extends battery life, cuts prices (and weight) on its new MacBook Pros

The next generation of Apple MacBook Pros get Intel's new Haswell processors for longer battery life, along with slimmer designs, faster Wi-fi, and prices that drop by $200 across the board.

Mac rumor roundup: A 12-inch MacBook, cheaper iMacs, OS X Mavericks ready to go

Apple says it has “a lot to cover” at it’s October 22 announcement, and while we know new iPads are on the way, new Macs are likely coming as well. From MacBook Pro updates to a brand-new 12-inch MacBook, here’s what some sources…