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Mozilla releases Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo mobile devices

Mozilla launches the final release of its Firefox 4 web browser for mobile devices, with support for Android- and Maemo-powered phones and tablets.
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Firefox 4 downloads top IE9 launch as Android and Maemo release candidates arrive

Mozilla puts out a Firefox 4 Mobile release candidate as its newly released desktop browser is adopted by more people on launch day than Microsoft's IE9 has after one week.
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Nokia gets its own WordPress app

An official Wordpress app for Nokia is now available in Nokia’s Ovi Store for mobile apps.
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Mozilla releases Firefox 4 beta for Android

Excellent news for fans of Mozilla Firefox. The organization has announced its first release of Firefox 4 beta for Android and Maemo platforms.

Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo Opens Up to Developers

Intel and Nokia have opened the doors on their combined open source MeeGo mobile operating system..and expects an initial release in May.

Intel and Nokia Merge Moblin and Maemo

Tech giants Intel and Nokia are merging their Linux-based Moblin and Maemo platforms into something called MeeGo aimed at everything from smartphones to cars to netbooks to TVs.

Nokia’s High-end Smartphone Future with Maemo, not Symbian

Nokia has told developers that Symbian will be vanishing from its N-series smartphones as the company embraces the Linux-based Maemo mobile operating system.