Newest Google Maps addition: Every grade-level railroad crossing in the U.S.

Although injuries from grade-level railroad crossing accidents decreased last year, the number of accidents and deaths increased. In an effort to curb these incidents, Google will now include every U.S. grade-level railroad crossing in…
Social Media

AOL building a social network around MapQuest

Will a location-centric social network revitalize MapQuest?

MapQuest Releases ActionScript API

Developers will now be able to program applications for MapQuest using Adobe's popular ActionScript.

OnStar Partners with MapQuest

OnStar has announced a partnership with MapQuest which enable OnStar users to load destinations from the MapQuest site into their OnStar-equipped vehicles.

Mapquest Expands Free Mobile Offerings

Mapquest has announced a new service which can put maps and driving directions on any browser-equipped cell phone...for free.

MapQuest GPS Navigation for Cell Phones

The forthcoming MapQuest Navigator aims to bring maps, navigation, and voice directions to cell phones as an alternative to in-car navigation systems.