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Facebook political bias? Glenn Beck says he’s seen no evidence of it

Facebook's top brass met with 16 conservative leaders on Wednesday to discuss recent allegations against the company of political bias. Radio host Glenn Beck said afterward he'd found "no evidence of a top-down initiative to silence…
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The Zuck met with conservatives over news bias claims, and here’s what happened

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday met with leading conservatives to discuss recent allegations of news bias at Facebook. The CEO insisted he wants to "build trust" with those who suspect the site suppresses stories from conservative news…
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Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg has to say about Facebook’s ‘news bias’ controversy

Mark Zuckerberg has commented for the first time on Facebook's "news bias" controversy, claiming no evidence of wrongdoing has been uncovered while insisting that "rigorous" rules for news on the site prevent the prioritization of one…
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Zuck’s security team costs $5M a year, VW used PowerPoint to cheat

How much does it cost to keep Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg safe? And how did investigators find out VW was thinking about cheating on emissions back in 2006? Well, there was one really obvious clue.
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Before the billions: Video shows young, beer-swilling Zuckerberg

An interview from 2005 provides a glimpse into the early, free-wheeling days of social media giant Facebook. Believe it or not, Zuck didn't always want to rule the world, or know everything about you.

Zuckerberg gets the best of cybersquatter looking to cash in on daughter's name

An Indian college student attempting to make a quick buck off a Web domain containing Mark Zuckerberg's baby's name ended up unknowingly selling it to Zuckerberg himself, and for only $700.
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Stephen Hawking wants to launch a swarm of nano-probes into outer space… with lasers 0:35

Stephan Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg, and Yuri Milner have teamed together to send hundreds of small probes to one of our closest galactic neighbords.
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VR, 360 cameras, and Chatbots, oh my! Here’s everything you missed from Facebook’s F8

Did you miss the keynote for Facebook's F8 developers conference? Luckily for you, we've put together a round up of every big announcement at the conference -- from 360-degree cameras to chatbots, it's all here!
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You’re not sharing enough personal info, Facebook worries

Facebook is concerned that its users are not sharing enough personal posts, according to sources close to the matter. The social network is hoping a number of new features will encourage users to indulge in more original interactions.
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Zuckerberg’s live Oculus Rift unboxing is informative, supremely awkward

Mark Zuckerberg has posted a live video in which he unboxes the Oculus Rift, and discusses the future of VR from Facebook's HQ in Menlo Park, California. The 22 minute clip has thus far been viewed 3.5 million times.
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Zuckerberg talks business culture at China Development Forum despite Facebook ban

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ditched his infamous grey t-shirt for a suit and flexed his Chinese alongside Alibaba Group Holding co. CEO Jack Ma onstage at the China Development Forum in Beijing.
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Who’s the fairest tech CEO of them all?

If the tech industry were a high school and we were voting on our Homecoming King, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg would come out on top. He'd also come out on the bottom. But at least everyone knows him.