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WhatsApp suffers outage just days after Facebook buyout

There's never a good time for a service to go down, but coming just days after Facebook paid $19 billion for it, WhatsApp's outage Saturday afternoon really couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Mark Zuckerberg bought himself a GTI, so VW sent him a present and made a video about it

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, of all the cars in the world, chose to buy a VW GTI with a manual transmission. When VW found out, they decided to send him a present thanking him for his choice.

Free Facebook comes to US phone users without data plans

An offshoot of T-Mobile called GoSmart is offering free Facebook access as part of a new bundling plan for prepaid customers. This suggests Facebook is actually serious about the whole "get the entire world on Facebook" thing.
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Slovakian engineers are trying to bait Mark Zuckerberg with this custom Facebook grill

What do you do when you want Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to come to your conference? Obviously you build him a fancy, Facebook-enabled grill and then bait him with it.
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Mark Zuckerberg says US government ‘blew it’ over NSA messaging

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview that he believes the U.S. government failed to properly convey the NSA's surveillance activities to the American people. He says they "blew it."
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Hack Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, collect $11,000

Facebook refused to pay security researcher Khalil Shreateh after he posted a message to Mark Zuckerberg's page to prove that he'd discovered a security bug. But now, Shreateh is more than $11,000 richer thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Facebook partners with tech companies to expand global Internet access

Looking for more effective ways to branch out into emerging markets around the globe, Facebook and other tech companies have entered into a partnership to reduce the cost of bringing Internet access to impoverished countries.

Rumor: Samsung asked to make a Facebook phone, politely declines the opportunity

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has met with Samsung executives in Korea this week, where he is rumored to have asked the company to produce a smartphone with Facebook Home pre-installed.
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Zuckerberg denies PRISM involvement again at shareholder’s meeting

While Mark Zuckerberg has denied Facebook's involvement in the U.S. government's PRISM program, can Facebook's statements really be trusted?
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Mark Zuckerberg’s first site proves even geniuses made embarassing Angelfire pages at one point

Look at a blast from the past. Mark Zuckerberg's (potential) old Angelfire page isn't quite as pretty as Facebook, but it might actually be way more entertaining.

Facebook Home FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

At a press conference today, Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook colleagues revealed the company's latest innovation: Home. Compatible with select Android devices, Home seeks to transform phones from app-centric to people-centric devices.
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Facebook gets green light to build Gehry-designed campus extension

It'll include the biggest open-plan office in the world, be covered in greenery and be the workplace of one Mark Zuckerberg. This week Menlo Park city council gave the go ahead for the construction of Facebook's new campus, designed by…