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Facebook won’t add a ‘Dislike’ button, but it might add an ‘LOL’ button to your News Feed

Facebook isn’t going to build you a “Dislike” button, though they’ve considered it. This was one of the many interesting things founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared at a recent public Q&A session.

Zuckerberg says Apple’s approach to ads is ‘ridiculous’

Back in September, Apple CEO Tim Cook said advertising-funded services used their customers as the product; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg disagrees, and thinks Apple should drop its prices.
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Zuckerberg defends messaging app and explains why Facebook isn’t cool in public Q&A

In his first public Q&A with the Facebook community, Mark Zuckerberg said he understood that having to load up a separate app for messaging was "painful" for some users, but that the move was essential to offer the best service possible.
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Mark Zuckerberg wants YOUR questions for Facebook’s first public Q&A

If there's something you'd love to ask Mark Zuckerberg, now's your chance. The founder and boss of the world's largest social networking site is set to host Facebook's first public Q&A session on November 6, with the entire event…
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Zuckerberg says company must ‘invest aggressively’ as Facebook reports decent Q3

Facebook's Q3 figures may have pleased investors on Tuesday, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg's comments that "aggressive" investing was necessary for the company to achieve its long-term goals ended up pushing shares down.

Zuckerberg is mastering Mandarin, and joins the Tsinghua University advisory board

With Facebook looking to learn more about China's tech market, how long until the ban on the social network is lifted from the country?

Facebook sues the law firms that backed a fraudulent ownership claim against it

Several years after Paul Ceglia's case was dismissed and revealed as a fraud, Facebook is suing the law firms which supported the claim he owned 84 percent ownership of the social network.

Zuckerberg wants WhatsApp to be the “global messaging platform”

You know what's cooler than a billion users? 3 billion users. That's the new target that Mark Zuckerberg has set for the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which currently has 600m active users.

Oculus backers feel betrayed, but Facebook may still be its best shot at VR domination

Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR has put the company’s founders in hot water with early backers, but they may not understand the precarious situation it found itself in.

Facebook drones, satellites and lasers can bring Internet to all, says Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has offered more details on his plan to bring the Internet to "everyone." Working with big-name mobile companies, as well as aerospace tech experts, the Facebook boss says "drones, satellites and lasers" can help deliver the…
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Mark Zuckerberg called President Obama over NSA spying, dubs it ‘a threat’ to the Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he called President Obama to express is "frustration" over NSA surveillance. In a post, Zuckerberg said the US government is a "a threat" to a free and open Internet.
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Bill Gates back on top in Forbes rich list, Zuckerberg biggest gainer

Bill Gates once again finds himself at the top of Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's richest people, while Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg's wealth increased the most in the last year among the 1500+ names in the list.