First Jolla smartphone up for pre-order, ready to set sail before the end of the year (Updated with more specs)

Jolla has announced its first smartphone running the new Sailfish OS, a device named after the company and sporting a 4.5-inch screen and a dual-core processor. It's available for pre-order today.

Jolla demonstrates its Sailfish OS, confirming MeeGo lives again (Updated)

Jolla has demonstrated its Sailfish OS on stage at a startup event in Finland today. Built from the ashes of MeeGo, Jolla see Sailfish as a new and very different challenger in the mobile market.

Let’s go MeeGo: open-source OS is on track for its comeback *updated*

Jolla, the company resurrecting the MeeGo mobile OS, has announced $260 million in funding and plans to reveal its first phone soon.

MeeGo’s not dead, it was only sleeping: new startup Jolla announces plans for new MeeGo smartphone

Jolla, a Finnish startup, has announced plans to release a new smartphone based on MeeGo, the OS dropped by Nokia in favor of Windows Phone.

Everything you need to know about Firefox OS: Mozilla’s mobile play

Even in market crowded by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Mozilla plans to add a new contender: Firefox OS. What can the open-source company bring to the game, and does it stand a chance of competing?

Samsung’s Bada goes boom, gets integrated into Tizen

Samsung will be integrating their Bada mobile operating system with Tizen, their joint OS project with Intel. Work has already commenced, and we could see devices running the OS later this year.
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Video: How a Nokia N9 is made

Nokia has released a video showing the manufacturing process for its sleek N9 phone, which may be the first Nokia Windows Phone.

Can Tizen succeed where Meego, Maemo, and Moblin have fizzled?

Yes, MeeGo is dead - not that it ever really lived - but there's a new open-source Linux-based mobile platform in the future: Tizen. Why?

Tizen OS gains support from Acer, Asus, and maybe HTC

Tizen, the OS that is replacing MeeGo, is gaining a lot of support. Reports indicate that Acer, Asus, and possibly HTC may join the party soon.

MeeGo killed in favor of Tizen, a new OS backed by Samsung and Intel

With no Nokia to back it, Intel has killed MeeGo. It will ressurect it as 'Tizen,' a new smartphone OS platform it's making with Samsung.
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Say goodbye to Symbian, North America

Nokia is making use of that deal with Microsoft and will drop Symbian in the US and Canada to fully promote Windows Phone 7.

Nokia N9 gets countdown clock to September 23 release

Nokia's Swedish website is officially counting down the day to the release of the N9 on September 23. The Nokia N9 is the first MeeGo phone to hit the market, and will utilize a purely touch user interface.