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Nokia and Microsoft in negotiations, WP7 partnership likely

Microsoft and Nokia are said to be nearing a deal that would put Windows Phone 7 on Nokia devices. It could be announced as soon as tomorrow.
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Nokia shelves first MeeGo phone before launch

Nokia has shelved the first phone carrying its new MeeGo OS, sources say. But the company may still unveil MeeGo on a new device as soon as this Friday.
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Windows Phone 7 and Nokia: Two wrongs don’t make a right

Rumors of a Nokia-Microsoft alliance have us cringing at the very thought of tying Windows Phone 7 exclusively to Nokia devices. Here's why.
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Android claims top spot over Symbian in global smartphone shipments

Android continues to rocket up in popularity, largely at the expense of Symbian, which recently lost its crown to Google's mobile OS.

Nokia sees profits fall, new competition in emerging markets

Nokia's fourth quarter of 2010 was dark, with operating profit down 26 percent and China ZTE starting to muscle in on its business in emerging markets.
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RIM and Microsoft making headway with app developers

Apple and Android still rule, but it looks like developers are broadening their scope with renewed interest in RIM and Microsoft platforms.

Leaked shot of Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo tablet

An Internet goer has dug up a picture of what appears to be a Nokia tablet running its new MeeGo operating system, a collaboration with Intel.

Nokia N9 to feature Atom processor?

Nokia N9 is expected to showcase the MeeGo mobile platform...but now reports have it packing a version of Intel's Atom processor.
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LG admits Windows Phone 7 sales didn’t meet expectations

At least someone's being honest about Microsoft's smartphone: an LG exec says sales have been sub par.

Nokia talking with Microsoft about Windows Phone 7?

Rumors indicate that Nokia and Microsoft have been meeting about a possible Windows Phone 7 Nokia device in 2011.
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Intel processors coming to tablets, smartphones in 2011

Intel unveiled plans for its Atom processors to be inside of nearly three dozen tablets across three operating systems in 2011.
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Nokia rejects Android, sticking with Symbian and MeeGo

Nokia is bucking the trend to adopt Android and instead doubling down on its investments in MeeGo and Symbian.