Intel confirms 2016 arrival of 3D XPoint-based Optane SSD

During an earnings call on Wednesday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed that Optane SSDs based on 3D XPoint memory technology will ship later this year. He also confirmed that memory sticks (DIMMs) based on the same tech will arrive in…

Think your solid state drive is fast? It has nothing on MRAM

IBM has revealed a breakthrough in the production of MRAM that could lead to much faster, more compact storage. It could change everything from smartphones to servers.

How much RAM does your PC need? Probably less than you think

RAM is like the top of a desk. It's a space for laying out what you're currently working on. No desk space often leads laborious, inefficient work. But there are limits to the size of desk you can easily use.

Corsair wants to light your desktop with its newest Vengeance DDR4 memory

Corsair launched a new line of DDR4 memory called Vengeance LED. As the name implies, the modules sport built-in LEDs, lighting up your desktop system.
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Study: Delay your workout for several hours after studying for best retention

Researchers found that test subjects who rested for four hours after learning and then exercised retained information better than immediate exercisers or people who didn't exercise at all. Best advice: study, rest, exercise, ace the test.

Overclocker smashes RAM speed record, hits 5GHz with G.Skill memory and MSI motherboard

Well-known overclocker Toppc managed to push G.Skill's Trident Z DDR4 memory clock speed limit past 5GHz using a MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC motherboard, a downclocked Intel Core i5-6600K "Skylake" processor, and lots of liquid nitrogen. Fun…

Does faster RAM really make a difference in your frame rates?

Memory hasn't traditionally had much of an effect on gaming. As long as you had enough, that was fine, but it turns out that contemporary, higher-resolution titles actually can benefit from faster memory by a surprising amount.

IBM memory breakthrough could lead to drives 70 times quicker than today’s SSDs

Researchers at IBM have found a way to increase the number of bits stored per cell in PCM memory threefold, possibly speeding boot times, or even storing large databases for quick retrieval.

GDDR5X video card memory is already in mass production, Micron confirms

Micron's director of its global Graphics Memory Business division, Kristopher Kido, said this week that GDDR5X memory is now in mass production. This is the same memory used in Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card arriving this…

Intel shows 3D XPoint drives copying a file at nearly 2GB per second

During the Intel Developer Forum, Rob Crooke demonstrated two 3D XPoint-based Optane SSDs transferring a large file at nearly 2GB per second. Intel has hinted the final version of 3D XPoint could be even quicker.

AMD claims victory in the video RAM war with new 32GB FirePro card

AMD launched on Thursday a 32GB version of its FirePro W9100 professional graphics card for workstations. It joins the current 16GB version, offering the same performance and support for tools like DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, and OpenCL 2.0.

Samsung’s new 10-nanometer DDR4 chips are the fastest of their kind

Samsung has kicked into full gear the mass production of 10nm-class 8Gb DDR4 chips that will be used in memory modules for devices ranging from laptops to servers. They provide faster speeds and consume less power than older 20nm chips.