Skyrmions could be the path to faster, denser hard drives

There's a good chance that you've never heard of a skyrmion before today, but these miniscule vortex-shaped particles could potentially be the key to tomorrow's storage solutions.

What does a thousand bucks worth of RAM look like? G.Skill has the answer

As memory prices drop steadily, there are still opportunities to pack your system with the biggest and baddest. G.Skill's new 128GB DDR4-3200MHz kit is exactly that.
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Want to keep your memory? Drink champagne

According to a 2013 study that has resurfaced to great pomp and circumstance, drinking three glasses of champagne a week could help prevent memory loss and protect your brain from diseases like Alzheimers and dementia.

RAM is cheaper than ever at the weirdest of times

If you're looking to purchase some new memory for your PC or laptop, now might be the best time, as it's price has fallen to historic lows across the board. The average price of 4GB of DDR3 has now hit $18.50.

How much RAM does your gaming PC need? Maybe just 4GB, according to new test

New testing by PC enthusiast site TechSpot has discovered that many apps still don't see substantial benefit from more than 4GB of memory. Games, in particular, have no issue with limited RAM.
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These headphones won’t just help you sleep better, they may help improve your memory

The Kickstarter-funded Kokoon headphones not only monitor your sleep, they could potentially improve your memory as you snooze by monitoring your brain and playing audio at just the right moments.

How much RAM does your PC need? Probably less than you think

RAM is like the top of a desk . It's a space for laying out what you're currently working on. No desk space means slow, inefficient work. But there are limits to the size of desk you can easily use.

Is your PC low on memory? You could try fish oil – or just install more RAM! 1:31

If your computer is starting to slow down, there are a number of options for rejuvenating its performance, and one of them is upgrading the memory capacity. Here's how.

DDR3 RAM has hit its lowest price point in 26 months

DDR3 has reached its lowest price point in 26 months, according to PCGamer. This information stems from a report published by the DRAMeXchange. For a DDR3 chip, you’ll pay a whopping $2.92.

Corsair sticker-shocks consumers with new DDR4 priced over two grand

Cosair revealed three unbuffered DDR4 kits on May 14 for those who want the best in speed and bandwidth. The Vengeance LPX and two Dominator Platinums each have eight 16GB modules.

HyperX shatters records with its 3000MHz DDR memory kit

HyperX, a division of the Kingston Technology Company, announced the world’s fastest DDR 128GB memory kit on May 11, boasting speeds of 3000MHz. The product is geared toward gamers, overclockers and mainstream PC users alike.

Study reveals people are terrible at remembering what Apple’s logo looks like

In a recent UCLA study, scientists found that an extremely low number of students were able to accurately reproduce the Apple logo with minimal error. Be that as it may, there is a valid reason for this. Read on to learn more.