Deep Silver: Don't expect a new Metro game in 2017

The official website for the novel Metro 2035 suggests that another video game is arriving next year. There have thus far been two console and PC games, as well as a mobile spinoff.
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Metro’s new Pokémon Go Twitter account could derail your journey to work

The Metropolitan Transport Authority has launched a new Twitter account dedicated to helping Pokémon Go players find the game's rarest creatures in and around Los Angeles as they make their daily commutes.

Xbox Games With Gold serves up Ground Zeroes, How to Survive, and more in August

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and both entries in 4A's Metro series will be released as free downloads for Xbox Live Gold subscribers next month.

New supposed leaked image of Windows 9 shows Metro app running in windowed mode

A site claims to have acquired images of Windows 9. One image shows a Metro app running in windowed mode in the classic desktop UI. The other shows the new Start menu.

5 reasons why the Windows 8 Store is a complete mess

Want to buy an app for your Windows 8 PC? You may change your mind after you see the Windows Store, an epic blunder that Microsoft seems unwilling or unable to fix, even months after its operating system launched to the public.

Move over Chrome, preview of Firefox for Windows 8 expected in September

Mozilla will release a preview of Firefox for Windows 8 in September, complete with Modern UI styling and windowless Flash.

Will Windows 8 be the next Vista?

Microsoft only seems to get a solid hit with every other Windows release. After Windows 7's success, is Windows 8 destined for ignobility?

Verizon says it will push Windows Phone as heavily as Droid

Verizon says that it plans to give Windows Phone a real push later this year, with new devices and a presumed advertising campaign.

Google adds a desktop to Chrome OS: Is it innovation or backpedaling?

Google's Chrome OS has always prioritized simplicity, but now Google has added the ability to use multiple resizable windows, just like a normal desktop OS. Does it offer more power, or is it just a blast from the past?

Microsoft rolls out a dramatically different logo for Windows 8

While Microsoft developers continue to work endlessly on the upcoming revision of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has unveiled a new logo for the future release of Windows 8

Microsoft says it will fix Xbox color and streaming resolution issues – but not when

Microsoft is rumored to have pushed an unfinished update too early, and now the fix doesn't have a timeline.

Microsoft launches a Beacon-infused revision of

With the Holiday 2011 dashboard update bringing a massive revision to the look and feel of the Xbox 360 dashboard, Microsoft has launched a similar design to complete with social features.