Microsoft design patent solidifies its Hololens development

Good luck trying to make your own version of Microsoft's Hololens, as the company has now received a design patent for a "headset with a visor," which could prove broad enough to forestall anyone trying to produce something similar.

Xbox One game-creation toolkit Project Spark goes fully free to play

Project Spark, a sandbox-styled game creation toolkit for the Xbox One and PCs, is giving up its microtransaction-based revenue model next month as Microsoft shifts its focus to providing "a free and open creation engine."

Windows 10 now installed on 100 million systems

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10 is doing very well indeed, with more than 100 million activated copies around the world already. That represents more than 25 million registrations in the past month alone.

Xbox One holiday bundle includes Tomb Raider prequel series

Microsoft revealed that its timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be included with Xbox One hardware bundles sold this holiday season.

Microsoft clarifies Windows 10 activation details

Windows 10's release and activation by millions around the world has gone well for most, but some are still holding back, a little confused about how it all works. Microsoft has launched a new Web page to clear up any misconceptions.

Microsoft’s VR Kit to challenge Google Cardboard for entry level VR dominance

Microsoft might have put most of its eggs in the augmented reality basket with its Hololens headset, but that doesn't mean it's ignoring virtual reality. Its VR Kit is designed to offer developers a low cost way to work on VR projects.

Satya Nadella, Bill Gates give Chinese President private tour of Microsoft campus

To set itself apart, Microsoft arranged quite the exhibition for the influential world leader. This includes a banquet, where chief executive Satya Nadella and co-founder Bill Gates could be found sitting on either side of Mr. Xi's…

Old PC games rendered unplayable thanks to Windows update

PC game collectors will certainly be unhappy to find out that a new update to some older versions of Windows could leave their disc-based games unplayable, as a result of a change to DRM.

The top 10 keyboards for your PC

If you’re looking for a new keyboard, you have more options than ever before. That’s a good thing, except that it’s hard to nail down the best one for your specific needs. Below you’ll find the best options in a wide…

Want to edit with Office on your iPad Pro? It’s going to cost you

In accordance with existing policies regarding screen size, Microsoft confirmed editing documents in Office on the iPad Pro will require a 365 subscription.

Windows 10 users can grab Office 365 for 50 percent off

Yesterday saw the release of Office 2016, and now Windows 10 users can take advantage of a 50 percent discount on a one-year Office 365 subscription by dipping into a preinstalled app.

Xbox 360 dashboard update expands cloud storage to 2GB

Microsoft has released a system update for Xbox 360 consoles, giving players double the amount of cloud storage space for uploaded save games, among other new features and improvements.