Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm will have you saying tongue twisters to get out of bed 1:05

Microsoft is out with another app on the Google Play store that's trying to help you get out of bed -- by making faces and saying tongue twisters. Mimicker Alarm showcases Microsoft's Project Oxford machine-learning capabilities.

iPad and iPad Pro users get new inking and PowerPoint tools as part of Microsoft Office update

Microsoft Office users on the iPad and iPad Pro have something to get excited about. This month's updates includes inking, PowerPoint Designer and Morph, as well as Office Insider for Mac.

Microsoft gives away The Witcher 2 as part of Xbox One backward compatibility update

The Xbox 360 version of CD Projekt RED's open-world RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is free to download for a limited time as part of Microsoft's latest backward compatibility update for the Xbox One.

Heads up, OneDrive users! You have 10 days left to keep your 15GB of free storage

Two months ago, Microsoft decided to cut back its OneDrive storage plans. Those who had an active free plan before the change was announced can keep the storage, but only by opting in before the end of January.

Microsoft accidentally leaks the Lumia Phone X with Continuum support 1:15

Microsoft might be working on a secretive Lumia Phone X smartphone, after its Chinese division accidentally leaked the name in a video description. We look at all the rumors surrounding this mysterious device.
DT Daily

Google Chrome about to run much faster, gobble less data | DT Daily 2:17

Apple is making iOS better for musicians, Microsoft is giving away $1 Billion ... in cloud services, and Google Chrome is about to get a whole lot faster.

Bought a Surface Pro, 2, or 3 before March? Microsoft will replace the power cord for free

According to reports from consumers and a Microsoft investigation, there are some issues with Surface Pro, Pro 2, and Pro 3 power cables overheating if regularly wound tightly and twisted. To fix that Microsoft is going to replace all of…

Microsoft is going to give $1 billion in free services to help nonprofits

Microsoft has announced a plan to donate cloud services worth $1 billion to nonprofits and university researchers working "for the public good." CEO Satya Nadella said he hopes the initiative will enable recipients to "solve our greatest…

The Witness is not coming to Xbox One, despite ESRB rating

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has rated the Xbox One version of The Witness, even though there is no such of version of the game in development, according to creator Jonathan Blow.

If Microsoft gets its way, your kids may learn how to play Minecraft at school 2:46

Microsoft, which acquired Minecraft in late 2014, has just announced Minecraft: Education Edition, which will be available for schools to try out in a global free trial this coming summer, in time for the new school year.

Microsoft may launch its mobile keyboard on multiple platforms, starting with the iPhone

Microsoft is apparently bringing its popular Word Flow keyboard to other third-party platforms in the next few months, starting with the iPhone. The keyboard will compete with other third-party options, including SwiftKey, Fleksy, and iOS…
Virtual Reality

Microsoft’s Hololens headset may need charging every couple of hours

Microsoft's augmented reality headset, Hololens, may only last for around 2.5 hours on a single battery charge, if you use it for power-intensive tasks. The news, along with several other new features, has been revealed by a Microsoft…