Windows Store apps can now have their own Insider ring

Microsoft has announced new 'package flights' functionality for the Windows Stores, which allows developers to deliver test versions of their apps to groups of users, much like the Windows Insider program.

Captionbot is another AI from Microsoft, and it's not doing so hot either

You'd think that after its last AI chat bot fiasco, Microsoft would've learned its lesson. Luckily for us, the company hasn't, and its latest creation is a sometimes hilarious entity known as Captionbot.
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Microsoft vs. Uncle Sam: It’s our right to inform our customers about data probes 2:56

Microsoft says they are suing the U.S. government because they believe it’s their customers’ right to know when Uncle Sam is looking at their personal data.

Surface Pro 4’s Alcantara is Microsoft’s latest fashion statement at NYC event

Microsoft showed off the Surface Pro 4's signature cover, Alcantara, at SPACE LES in New York City. The event centered on Microsoft's recent Designed on Surface campaign showcasing works of art created using a Surface Pro.

Gamestop executive says new console launches “seem imminent”

During an investor briefing on Thursday, Gamestop COO Tony Bartel told shareholders that a series of new console launches "seems imminent." His presentation also included a slide stating that "Virtual Reality and new consoles are expected…

Microsoft's Word Flow iOS keyboard could be the keyboard to beat

Microsoft starting teasing a beautiful iOS keyboard called Word Flow back in January, and now it has opened up that keyboard in closed beta. The keyboard not only has a great design, but also includes features like a one-handed typing mode.

Microsoft unleashes a MouseJack patch that may or may not actually work

Microsoft has released an update that addresses the "MouseJack" issue related to a number of its wireless mice. However, the patch does not address mice made by third parties.

Microsoft sues over the right to inform customers of U.S. gov’t spying

Microsoft is taking legal action against the Justice Department demanding the right to inform its customers when a search warrant has been issued against and the authorities are searching its servers.

Xbox One may slim down in E3 showing, if a Brazilian leak is to be believed

E3 might have more than the usual games to show off this year, if a filing with the Brazilian version of the FCC is anything to go by. It details a new wireless chip, possibly for a brand new design of the Xbox One.

Microsoft "emulates" Windows 10 with a new demo site for potential customers

Microsoft has launched a new "demo" site for Windows 10, allowing potential customers to see what the new operating system is all about. The site features a library of videos demonstrating Windows 10 running on a PC, a tablet, and a…

Windows 10 now makes the BSoD error screen a little less painful

Microsoft has introduced a QR code on the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error screen in the latest Insider build of Windows 10 to quickly investigate the error on a smartphone or tablet. Right now the QR code leads to a general…

New FCC filings by Microsoft lend credence to rumors of a new Xbox One

Two new FCC filings by Microsoft may point to Xbox One revisions. One appears to be a slimmer version of the model currently on the market, while the other could be a more powerful console.