Can web apps boost the Windows Store? Microsoft thinks they might

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will let developers publish web apps through its store, potentially closing the app gap between the Windows Store and other app store platforms.


What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and more

Mobile World Congress is on its way, so we've put together all the big rumors about new smartphones and tablets from the big players in one place, including gossip about Samsung, HTC, Google, Microsoft, LG, and more.

Mobile World Congress

Heroes-on-villains free-for-all in Fable Legends, now free-to-play

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have announced that the upcoming, asymmetric dungeon crawl RPG, Fable Legends, will be free-to-play on all platforms, with in-game purchases.


This video shows how Microsoft plans to add holograms to your daily life

What might the future of productivity look like? Microsoft thinks it'll include hyper-advanced digital assistants, wearables with gesture controls and touchscreens everywhere, including the walls of your office.


Still not happy with Windows’ start menu? Start10 is the solution

Do you still think Windows 7 is the best operating system Microsoft has ever made? The newly released beta version of Start10 gives Windows users the chance to integrate a Windows 7 style Start menu into Windows 10.


Microsoft chops $20 off the price of an annual Xbox Live Gold subscription [updated]

Microsoft drops the cost of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions by $20, from $60 down to $40. The company says it's a sale, but there's no formal end date, so it will be ongoing for "a while."


Microsoft Band’s first major update adds cycling app, virtual keyboard, and more

Launched toward the end of last year, the Microsoft Band fitness tracker has just received its first major software update, bringing with it a slew of new features that include a new Web-based dashboard, cycling app, and virtual keyboard.


Microsoft’s next app will let you track your friends

If you like keeping tabs on friends and family (or indeed loose acquaintances), take note: Microsoft has a friend-tracking app in the works, according to a report from a Spanish website.


March update adds screenshots and more to Xbox One

The March system update for Xbox One adds a variety of new features, including the long-requested ability to snap screenshots of your games for easy sharing.


Microsoft irons out Windows 10 kinks, setting the stage for new Tech Preview build

Microsoft is taking care of a few small but nasty bugs with hotfixes in preparation for the new preview build of Windows 10, which is coming soon but may not include significant new features.


Does the death of Windows RT cast a shadow on Windows 10?

The legacy of Windows RT continues to haunt Microsoft. The company's newest operating system, Windows 10, is trying a different approach to combining the desktop with mobile, but does it make the same fundamental mistakes?


Hands on: Windows 10 works beautifully on a phone, but it won’t win over skeptics (yet)

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. We've tested it out for a few days and seen all the new features. Here are our first impressions of Microsoft's revamped OS.


Squeeze the Google out of Android and what do you get? Your next smartphone OS.

Which operating system is the latest to try and steal Android's crown as the world's most used mobile OS? Why, it's Android! But not as we know it, and not with Google's involvement if Cyanogen and Microsoft get together.


Got an old Surface RT? Microsoft will give you a massive discount on a new Pro 3

Owners of old Surface tablets from all generations should be happy to hear Microsoft now lets them easily trade up to a brand-new Surface Pro 3. The only catch? You have to ship your device in before receiving the final appraisal.


Deep discounts abound in the Ultimate Game Sale for Xbox One

Microsoft has launched the Ultimate Game Sale for Xbox One from February 17 to 23. 31 games across a variety of genres are on sale with combine savings of over $700.