Microsoft plans to launch payments service on Windows 10 soon

Apple, Google, and Samsung are all racing to become the go-to option for mobile payment. Now Microsoft is gearing up to get into the digital wallet race. A mobile payment option from the company is coming for Windows tablets and phones.

Prepare for Halo 5 with this new limited edition Master Chief Xbox controller (Unboxing) 1:44

If you're looking to give your Xbox controller setup more pizzazz look no further than this new limited edition Xbox One controller based on Halo's Master Chief. Check it out in this quick unboxing video.

Windows 10 build 10568 leaked while build 10575 hits internal Fast Ring

If you're part of the Windows Insider program and are excited about what new features might be coming as part of the upcoming 10575, then consider checking out the leaked 10568 build first. It's new features have all been…

Some Surface Book fanatics fall victim to canceled pre-orders

Payment failures and server errors are causing headaches for some early adopters keen to get their hands on Microsoft's new Surface Book, with delays of up to eight weeks being reported.

Asus in talks with Microsoft to build its own HoloLens headset

Asus is reportedly in talks with Microsoft to use Microsoft's holographic technology to build its own HoloLens. It is the first company to step forward and try to work out a deal with the HoloLens creator.
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Microsoft’s spiky-walled audio lab is officially the quietest place on Earth 3:45

Microsoft’s audio labs have celebrated a monumental new achievement, creating a room that is, quite literally, the quietest place on earth. Called an anechoic chamber, the room has been verified by Guiness as the new record…

Details of Nvidia GPU in Microsoft Surface Book revealed

Reddit users keen to know more about the Surface Book have gathered information on its GPU by testing out demo versions of the device recently distributed to Microsoft's retail locations.

Windows 10 build 10565 reaches Slow Ring after standalone ISO release

After releasing Windows 10 build 10565 as a clean install ISO file yesterday, Microsoft has decided to make the Insider Preview build available to Slow Ring subscribers starting today.

Microsoft accidentally installs Windows 10 on some systems

Reports are circulating that the latest version of the Windows Update tool is set to install Windows 10 by default, but Microsoft maintains that this has been implemented in error.

Nowhere is safe: Microsoft begins advertising on the Start Menu in Windows 10

Microsoft is testing a new advert slotted inside the Start Menu, in a new move to bring in advertising. The advert is a suggested app and sends the viewer straight to the Windows 10 store.

Microsoft plans insane Halo 5 launch with helicopters, celebs, real-life combat 0:34

Halo 5: Guardians looks to be one of the biggest games of the year, and Microsoft has planned an equally large launch event, complete with a six-hour YouTube livestream and special events all over the world.

Microsoft reportedly tests an Android dialer app, may launch in December

Microsoft is apparently working on a new dialer app for Android. The app is currently being tested in India and worked on by the Skype team, adding different ways to call someone without using large amounts of data.