Surprise! Microsoft reveals a Nokia feature phone aimed at next billion users

Nokia has just taken the wraps off of yet another feature phone -- the Nokia 216. The phone will be available in India for $37.

How to change your wallpaper and login screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a new Settings menu, and as a result some common tasks have changed. Replacing the wallpaper for your desktop or login screen is among them. Here's how to do it with 10.

Microsoft hits another milestone in speech-recognition software accuracy

If you’re fed up with chatbots mishearing you, Microsoft may be here to help. Its researchers have achieved an impressively low error rate for speech recognition software -- just 6.3 percent, according to a paper published last week.

Xbox Project Scorpio: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s newest console

This year's E3 saw Microsoft announce two new consoles, including a new Xbox codenamed "Project Scorpio." Check out our roundup of all the news and rumors regarding the forthcoming console

How ‘Gears of War 4’ chainsaws its way back to the essence of Gears

The fourth episode after a trilogy can be awkward, but 'Gears of War 4' avoids that fate by going back to what made the first three games so successful, and rebuilding the engine from the ground up.

The bulky old Microsoft Band may have found its calling in the fight against epilepsy

Microsoft has found a great use for its bulky, but sensor-packed Band fitness wearable. It's part of a program called MyCareCentric that's working to combat epilepsy, through better understanding of the condition using the Band…

Tomorrow’s modular, upgradable consoles will be quicker …. and more confusing

With both Sony and Microsoft releasing updated versions of their consoles, is there a possibility that the next Xbox and PlayStation will be modular?

Microsoft to shutter Skype’s London HQ, lay off 400 employees

The move means approximately 400 people will lose their jobs, as the company made the decision to unify some engineering positions, potentially putting at risk a number of globally focused Skype and financial roles.

Microsoft’s Outlook now lets you attach Google Drive files and Facebook photos

Microsoft is updating Outlook with a number of new features, including support for attachments from both Google Drive and Facebook photos. The features are rolling out now and make attaching files a lot easier.

Microsoft's new Outlook inherits a few of Sunrise's most popular features

A major new version of Microsoft's Outlook client on Android and iOS borrows a few of the most popular features from Sunrise, the calendar app the company acquired in February of last year.
Virtual Reality

Going up? HoloLens is now a key tool for Thyssen Krupp elevator technicians

Next time your elevator goes down for maintenance, the technician might be wearing one of Microsoft’s slick HoloLens headsets. Thyssen Krupp is teaming up with Microsoft to provide their elevator technicians with the HoloLens.

Xbox One S vs. PlayStation 4 (2016): Which mid-generation console upgrade is worth your money?

Microsoft's new Xbox One S and Sony's PlayStation 4 "Slim" have bucked the generational gaming console trend. With newer, more powerful systems on the horizon, it bears asking: Which of these stopgaps is worth spending your paycheck on?