Trends with Benefits: Indiegogo scams, Microsoft’s AI takeover, $50 for a movie?

We wanted a Surface Phone but all we got was this lousy artificial intelligence! Behind the scenes with an exhausted tech reporter and LG's latest OLED, renting brand-new movies at home for $50, and investigating a pair of…

While VR submerges you in other worlds, HoloLens just lets you peek

Microsoft’s latest HoloLens demo, made available at BUILD 2016, is ambitious in scale and disarming in its honesty. But it also highlights the headset’s limitations in ways that weren’t obvious before.

Tech giants: Blocking Clean Power Plan will be ‘costly’

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft filed an amicus brief supporting the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. The plan would regulate the emissions from electric power plants.

Mods for Xbox One will most likely require developer endorsement

Speaking at Build 2016, Xbox head Phil Spencer finally spoke up about the limitations of mod support on Xbox One when compared to PC. Unfortunately, mods appear to be restricted pending developer approval.

No built-in ad-blocking coming to Microsoft Edge, says Jacob Rossi

A slide presented during a session at Build 2016 showed that Microsoft is baking ad-blocking into the Microsoft Edge browser. However, Edge engineer Jacob Rossi says there's no such feature.

BUILD 2016: Microsoft talks Cortana, Skype, bots, and intelligence APIs

During the BUILD 2016 keynote, Microsoft talked about upcoming features in Cortana and Skype. The personal assistant will be more integrated into Skype, allowing users to make changes to the Calendar or book a hotel.

From Windows to AI, here’s everything Microsoft Announced at Build 2016

Microsoft showed off the future of Windows 10, Xbox, Hololens, and artificial intelligence at its 2016 BUILD Keynote. Here is a roundup of all the news and announcements from the presentation.

Killer Instinct Season 3 introduces Windows 10, Xbox One cross-platform play

Microsoft has rolled out its latest content update for Iron Galaxy's one-on-one fighter Killer Instinct, introducing cross-platform play between the game's Xbox One edition and a newly released Windows 10 port.
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Microsoft's Tay comes back, gets shut down again

Microsoft created an AI chatbot for Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe, but it pulled the plug after Tay was posting racist and genocidal tweets. Tay came back alive this morning after Microsoft accidentally turned it on, and has since been shut…

If you ordered a HoloLens dev kit, it starts shipping today 1:40

Excited to develop for Microsoft's augmented reality headset? The $3,000 HoloLens' developer kit will be shipping to developers today, and included is the headset, a case, and a Clicker to help navigate the user interface.

Any Xbox One can become a game dev unit starting today

A preview of the long-promised Xbox Developer Mode is available today, allowing anyone to turn a retail Xbox One console into a developer kit for the new Universal Windows Platform.

Windows 10 may be getting ‘cards’ in Action Center, Cortana via Redstone update

The latest leak stemming from Microsoft reveals that the company is working on a card-based user interface that will be used by Cortana and the Action Center. This will allow the services to "talk" to each other, providing a more…