Forza Motorsport 6 is a must-have for Xbox One racers (First Impressions) 2:25

Find out if "Forza Motorsport 6" lives up to the hype in this quick first impressions video. Will driving through rain and at night be enough to make fans return to this Xbox One exclusive. Watch the quick video to see what's new…

Windows 10 is downloading even if you don’t want it

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows users that haven't upgraded to Windows 10 and have automatic updates turned on are having large files downloaded onto their computer for the upgrade.

Xbox Live Indie Games face extinction in 2017

Xbox Live Indie Games, a service that publishes downloadable Xbox 360 titles made by hobbyist developers, will cease operations in 2017 as part of a "sunsetting process" Microsoft recently outlined.

Castle Crashers hits Xbox One, free for returning Xbox 360 players

A remastered version of The Behemoth's landmark Xbox Live Arcade brawler Castle Crashers is out now for the Xbox One, and veteran players can pick up a copy free of charge.

Office 2016 to arrive on Sept. 22

Microsoft took a different tack with the release of its latest operating system, Windows 10, by making it free to most of us. That means it has to sell a lot more software though, so no wonder Office 2016 is coming as soon as it is.

Spec showdown: iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3

Apple is ready for the iPad to compete with Microsoft's Surface line. Does the iPad Pro bring the hardware needed to compete, or is the Surface Pro still the tablet of choice for those who need a serious mobile machine?

Microsoft will send HoloLens to space again, hopes the rocket won’t blow up this time

HoloLens is a radical piece of tech that will potentially shift the way we think about augmented reality. It's different from what everyone else seems to be doing with VR, and apparently even NASA sees value in that.

Microsoft to help moderate China-US tech firm meeting

Obama may be looking to give stern words to Chinese President Xi Jingping over hacking claims, but before that happens the Eastern leader will meet with Bill Gates and other tech executives to discuss increased digital cooperation.

Minecraft Windows 10 update introduces cross-platform multiplayer

The newly updated Windows 10 version of Mojang's creative construction sim Minecraft now allows players to team up with local friends using iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft and the U.S. government will argue ove data access in court tomorrow

Microsoft will challenge the a search warrant from the US government tomorrow in New York, which attempted to access emails stored on servers at the company's data center in Ireland.

Surface Pro tablets now available through Dell, HP, and Accenture

Microsoft has announced a move to make its Surface Pro combo tablets available to more companies around the world. The firm will partner with Dell, HP and Accenture, all of which will bring their own flavour to the Surface Pro sales…

Bing promotes Microsoft Edge when you search for Chrome or Firefox

If you make a desktop OS, a search engine and a Web browser, are you within your rights to use the first two to promote the last one? Try running a BIng search yourself to see what happens.