You won’t need an expensive gaming PC to run Microsoft’s AR headsets

While entry-level VR headsets will start at $300, their PC requirements weren't announced at Microsoft's Creators Update event. That's apparently been rectified at Microsoft's recent WinHEC conference.

New themes are available in the Windows Store for Insiders only

Windows Insider participants can now access themes in the Windows Store. They can be installed but not used, as Store-based theme support isn't yet available in the latest Windows 10 preview build. Support will likely arrive in January.

Microsoft releases HoloJS, allowing JavaScript developers to make HoloLens apps

Microsoft released another tool in the augmented reality developer's kit with HoloJS, a new way to create Universal Windows Platform apps supporting HoloLens using JavaScript, WebGL, and Windows Holographic.

Microsoft releases ‘Minecraft: Apple TV Edition’ just in time for the holidays

Apple announced Microsoft's incredibly popular open-world sandbox game Minecraft would make it to the Apple TV by the end of 2016 and Microsoft made that promise real on Monday with Minecraft: Apple TV Edition.

Blast your enemies with snowballs in the 'Gears of War 4' Christmas event

Gears of War 4 has begun its "Gearsmas" event, a Christmas-themed extravaganza filled with terrible weapon skins and snowball fights. It also sees the return of cross-play multiplayer.

Having seconds thoughts? Here’s how to recall that Outlook email you just sent

Just sent an email you really wish you could take back? You can -- that is, if you act quick enough. Here's how to recall an email in Microsoft Outlook, and set up rules that will help make sure it doesn't happen again.

Supply channels hint that ARM-based Windows 10 machines are due in 2017

According to industry supply channels, a number of Microsoft's OEM partners are planning to create ARM-based notebooks and tablets running Windows 10 in late 2017, with strong demand expected for the new devices.

Windows Insiders will have to wait until 2017 for new Windows 10 builds

The Windows Insider team has announced that there will be no new Windows 10 Insider builds for 2016 to avoid any holiday technical support issues, leaving Build 14986 as the last build until next year.

Microsoft plans to lock Adobe Flash in a cage and throw away the key

Remember Adobe Flash? Microsoft certainly hasn't forgotten about it and in the next version of the Edge browser, you will have a little more control over it than you have in the past.
Virtual Reality

A component maker suffers as Microsoft develops next-gen HoloLens

The per-share price of HoloLens component supplier Himax Technologies dropped on Tuesday as "a major AR customer" shifts to develop next-generation devices. That customer is believed to be Microsoft, which uses Himax for core HoloLens…

Microsoft injects Cortana with AI so she can organize your meetings for you

A new project, code-named, is a Microsoft incubation effort that applies AI technology, gained when the company acquired startup Genee in August 2016, to Outlook calendars. The project lets Cortana help you organize your…

Microsoft issues fix for Windows 10 update that killed internet connections

Microsoft issued an update on Patch Tuesday which is intended to fix a problem caused by an earlier update that knocked out internet connectivity. Sometimes updates can cause issues of their own.