Surface RT orders halved, Surface Pro coming to save the day

Microsoft has reportedly cancelled half its Surface RT tablet order due to lower than expected sales. While other manufacturers have already shunned Windows RT, Microsoft may be looking to the Surface Pro tablet to save the day.


Internet Explorer sucks: Microsoft reveals painfully honest IE 10 ad

In its new Internet Explorer 10 ad, Microsoft admits that its browser "sucks." But the company thinks there may be something out there to convince you otherwise.


Battery blow: Surface Pro has ‘approximately half the battery life’ of Surface RT

If you were thinking about picking up a Surface Pro when the tablet hits stores in January, does news that it has around 4.5 hours battery life mean you might decide to spend the money on a decent laptop instead?


Rare hiring new developers for Kinect 2 and Xbox 720 games

Killer Instinct 3? Kinect Sports 3? Perfect Dark 3? No one knows if Rare is working to make any of its old series into a trilogy, but new job listings at the developer do shed light on its plans for the next Xbox and Kinect.


New studio Black Tusk making Microsoft’s “next big entertainment franchise”

Microsoft, having wound down its internal game development operations in recent years, is ramping back up. New studio Black Tusk in Vancouver has been tasked with making the company's next Halo-level franchise.


Sales have quadrupled since Windows Phone 8 was introduced, says Microsoft’s Ballmer

Steve Ballmer has said Windows Phone sales have quadrupled over last year since the introduction of Windows Phone 8. Although he didn't provide any further information, research from 2011 can give us an idea of what that figure may be.


Microsoft breaks the silence, says Windows Phone 7.8 coming in early 2013

After months of silence, Microsoft has spoken about the Windows Phone 7.8 update, confirming that it's still being worked on and that it's scheduled to arrive early next year.


Microsoft’s Windows Blue: What is it and what does it mean for you?

Reports have surfaced about Microsoft's next operating system, Windows Blue, and it will reportedly bring with it a number of changes.


Can Google rescue the Chromebook by making it more like Surface?

Google's cloud-dependent Chromebooks haven't taken off yet. Is a touchscreen and a more Surface-like experience in order?


Windows Phone 8 update coming in December to squash irritating restart bug

Microsoft says it has identified the cause of an annoying Windows Phone 8 bug, which causes some phones to randomly reboot, and will be issuing an over-the-air fix in December.


Foxconn linked to Amazon and Microsoft smartphones again, mid-2013 release targeted

Foxconn has again been linked with Amazon and Microsoft's future own-brand smartphone plans, with the Chinese manufacturer said to be preparing devices for both companies, ready for a mid-2013 release date.


How’s your Surface? Microsoft launches owner feedback program

Keen to learn what it's done wrong and what it's done right with its first attempt at a tablet, Microsoft is inviting Surface owners to enroll in a feedback program.


Microsoft sells 40 million Windows 8 copies a month after launch

Despite mixed reviews and rumored slow start, Microsoft claims to have sold 40 million copies of Windows 8 merely a month after it was made available for purchase.


Microsoft’s Outlook email client reaches 25 million user milestone, launches new features and Android app

Microsoft is celebrating the 25 million active user landmark for its Outlook email client by launching additional features and an Android app.


What a Windows user needs to know about Mac and OS X

Are you a former Windows user making the switch to a Mac? Find out what to expect and learn the basics of using an Apple computer.