Cortana learns a few new tricks in Windows 10 build 10074

This build marks the first “Insider Preview” build, as opposed to the “Technical Preview” label that Windows Insiders have been seeing for a year. It includes updates to Cortana and the re-introduction of an Aero Glass effect for…

BUILD 2015 held plenty of surprises, but where was the new Surface Pro?

This year’s BUILD keynote offered plenty of surprises, but it was also notably lacking several expected announcements, such as a new Surface Pro 4. Does this mean Microsoft is shifting focus once more?

Update: No Surface Pro 4 appears at BUILD 2015 keynote

A leak claimed to have revealed specifications of the Surface Pro 4. The BUILD 2015 keynote is now over, however, and Microsoft said nothing about new Surface hardware.

Microsoft wants the HoloLens to put apps on your walls, cadavers in your living room

Rather than building what's available at the moment, Microsoft has set a lofty goal for themselves with the HoloLens - and it's starting to get there.

Microsoft wants you to use its Windows Store for apps, makes a ton of changes

Microsoft has given the Windows Store a long-overdue makeover, introducing carrier billing, subscriptions, and a host of features aimed at developers and enterprise.

Microsoft opens the Windows store to .NET and Win32 apps

Microsoft has opened the store to software developed in the popular .NET and Win32 frameworks. That's a bigger change than you may realize.

Microsoft pursues uphill climb against Google by adding transit coverage to Bing

Microsoft's Bing has always played second fiddle to Google, but it's seeing some growth lately and Microsoft is looking to expand its maps data with the introduction of wider coverage for its transit options.

Julie Larson-Green will receive the 2015 Women of Vision ABIE Award for Leadership

Julie Larson-Green has been announced as the 2015 recipient of the Anita Borg Institute's Women of Vision ABIE Award for Leadership.

From Windows 10 to the next Surface, here’s what we expect from Microsoft BUILD

Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference is always a big event for the company, but with Windows 10 on the horizon, this year will be even bigger than normal. That’s not all we’re likely to see, though, as a redesigned Surface Pro 4 and a…

Samsung defeats Apple, reclaims its crown as the #1 smartphone maker

The latest research shows Samsung has reclaimed its title as the world's number one smartphone manufacturer, after shipping more than 80 million devices at the beginning of 2015, eclipsing Apple and its competitors.
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Will Microsoft’s holographic headset allow you to read emotions?

Happy or sad? Confused or bored? Angry or surprised? Microsoft may give you the edge on reading people's emotions using the HoloLens headset according to details within a related patent.

Microsoft may be preparing to support Android apps in Windows 10

Paul Thurrott, a journalist who has covered Windows for two decades, thinks that Microsoft is about to announce support for Android applications in Windows 10. And he doesn't like the potential consequences.