Xbox One rewards cord keepers with live NFL games

More and more people are "cutting the cord" and ditching their cable TV subscriptions. Microsoft and the the NFL are trying to buck that trend by offering cable subscribers something more with the Xbox One.

Microsoft purchases Nokia for $7.2 billion

Definitely a strategic move to acquire a larger portion of the mobile devices market around the globe, Microsoft is picking up Nokia's mobile device unit as the rights to license Nokia patents.

Looking for a PS4 or Xbox One for the holidays? We have a few suggestions [UPDATED]

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One selling out at major retailers all around the country, we have a few suggestions on where you can still pre-order a system leading up to the launches this holiday.

Windows 9 rumored for next year, Windows 10 to be ‘cloud OS’

Windows 8 is approaching its one-year birthday, but rumors about the next version of Windows are already trickling in, including details about Windows 9, as well as Windows 10, which is rumored to be a full cloud OS.

Microsoft Surface Pro $100 price cut is now permanent

After temporarily cutting the price of the Surface Pro, Microsoft has made the price cut permanent, slashing $100 off of the Windows-based tablet, now costing only $800 for the entry-level model.

Parallels Access iPad app lets you control your PC or Mac, is hard cheese for Microsoft

Parallels launched the Access iPad app, which allows users to control their Windows and Mac computers from their iPad. It's price is a bit steep, but it could put the last nail in the coffin for the Microsoft Surface.

Skype achieves video calls with 3D holographic avatars, but don’t hold your breath

How about attending a business meeting at your company where everyone around the table except you is a 3D holographic avatar? If Skype and Microsoft choose to push ahead with their technology, it could become a reality.

Cloud clash: SkyDrive Pro responds to Box storage boost with one of its own

Last week cloud storage service Box gave its 20 million users something to smile about when it doubled the amount of free storage space on offer to 10GB. On Tuesday, however, Microsoft's SkyDrive Pro leapfrogged it, jumping from 7GB to…

Windows 8.1 is officially ready – now, we wait

Though Windows 8 launched just 10 months ago, Windows 8.1 is almost here. Microsoft announced today that the update is ready and rolling out to OEMs, but users will have to wait until mid-October when it's released to the public.

Rare Xbox One spotted in the wild – but don’t go trying to buy it just yet

Select Microsoft employees are going to receive a rare white Xbox One that includes a year of Xbox Live, all first party games for a year, and a note on the console saying “I made this.”

So long, Microsoft Points, it’s been fun

Microsoft has officially done away with its Microsoft Points and replaced them with real cash values, and your current points will he converted. Simply update your Xbox and say goodbye.