AT&T gives hotspots a touch up with touchscreen MiFi Liberate

AT&T puts control right at user's fingertips with MiFi Liberate, the first mobile hotspot with a touchscreen.

Sprint unveils HTC Evo Shift 4G and MiFi 3G/4G Hotspot

Sprint has two new WiMax/4G devices: the HTC Evo Shift 4G Android smartphone, and the MiFi 3G/4G mobile hotpot.

The iPad 2 is coming, rumored to run on various networks

Sure, the new iPad will have a considerably sleeker body, but it's what's inside that counts: the ability to run on different networks.

AT&T adding MiFi mobile hotspot

AT&T will be offering a MiFI mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling up to five devices to share an AT&T mobile data connection. And it has widgets.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Barnes & Noble Nook and More to Audience

Ellen DeGeneres gave away a bounty of coveted gadgets on her show including the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Nokia Booklet 3G today.

Verizon Wireless MiFi Lets Wi-Fi Devices Tap 3G Connectivity

Verizon's forthcoming MiFi 2200 lets up to five Wi-Fi devices - like laptops, phones, media players, gaming devices, and cameras - tap into Verizon's 3G network.

Novatel MiFi Creates 3G Wi-Fi Hotspots

Novatel's new MiFi card enables users to create mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that tap into the Internet via 3G mobile networks...and it's due in the first half of 2009.