Little-seen Zelda sequel finds new life on Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo's latest cross-platform digital lineup marks the return of a classic game in The Legend of Zelda series that, until this week, remained exclusive to legacy Nintendo DS consoles.
Virtual Reality

Virtuix Omni sprints into Minecraft for GearVR, gives you room to roam

Minecraft for GearVR is already an excellent experience, but Virtuix is now showing off compatibility with the Omni, an omni-directional treadmill that lets you walk and run in virtual reality games.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition gets free Mario-themed DLC this month

Mario and his pals will soon venture into the blocky world of Mojang's Minecraft as part of a free update for Minecraft: Wii U Edition launching later this month, Nintendo and Mojang confirmed this week.

Third-party Minecraft community lost 7 million user passwords, and didn’t inform users

Minecraft community Lifeboat is under fire after a series of security errors facilitated a major breach, with up to seven million users thought to be affected.

Now you can play Minecraft from the comfort of your Samsung Gear VR

You can now buy Minecraft in yet another format with its $7 Gear VR debut, featuring everything from the Pocket Edition to two new VR-specific viewing modes.

Minecraft sells 10,000 copies per day — teaches computational thinking

Minecraft continues to be staggeringly popular, all the while introducing kids to computational thinking. It might even beat the government in terms of getting kids interested in programming.

The largest Lego Minecraft set is coming to steal your time this summer

The Village is the largest, and most complex, Lego Minecraft set we've seen, and it's coming to steal your time away this summer. With 1,600 pieces inside, and a $200 price tag, you'll need to be a serious fan to pick one up.

Group of kids earn $15,000 scholarship by playing Minecraft 1:05

A five-person team aged 10 to 14 now has $15,000 to split toward their college funds after winning a Minecraft competition. 450 teams across the US and Canada participated, and the next competition could have even more.

Microsoft plans to use Minecraft to test our future robotic overlords

Microsoft has announced that its latest method of utilizing the Minecraft franchise is to open up the game to AI researchers, who can use the game as a testbed to see how AI reacts to unexpected situations.

Minecraft’s new ‘Combat Update’ overhauls fighting mechanics

Mojang has released a major update for its sandbox construction title Minecraft, overhauling the game's combat mechanics in a bid to "make fighting more interesting and offer more map-making options."

If Microsoft gets its way, your kids may learn how to play Minecraft at school 2:46

Microsoft, which acquired Minecraft in late 2014, will release Minecraft: Education Edition, which will be available for schools end educators to purchase this fall. A free trial became available this summer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider adds Minecraft-like Endurance mode

Developer Crystal Dynamics has rolled out a new gameplay mode for its cinematic adventure game Rise of the Tomb Raider that mimics the survival-oriented challenges of Minecraft's core campaign.