Apple shuts down MobileMe, offers ‘limited time’ to access and download files

While Apple has officially shut down MobileMe, for a limited time users will be able to access their accounts, download their files, and upgrade to iCloud.

Amazon Cloud Drive gets unlimited music storage, iPad support

Likely responding to recent announcements from Spotify, Apple and Google, Amazon has sweetened the deal for all users of the Amazon Cloud service.

Apple confirms: ICloud will get rid of iDisk, iWeb

Up until now, the details surrounding the MobileMe to iCloud transition have been vague. In a new FAQ, Apple offers new information on the coming switch.

Rumor: ICloud taking out iWeb

We already knew MobileMe was down for the count, but now it looks like iWeb might be iCloud's latest victim.

MobileMe vs. iCloud: Overhaul or upgrade?

Is iCloud a revolutionary new take on cloud computing or simply a much-needed MobileMe upgrade?

MobileMe has one year to live: Apple shuts down service June 2012

We all knew it was coming, and now Apple has made it official by giving MobileMe users one more year with the service before iCloud fully takes over.

Apple iCloud: Everything you need to know

Apple's new iCloud service will allow users to sync content, including documents, photos and music, across multiple devices. Here's everything you need to know about what iCloud will and won't do, and how it could help change the landscape…

Apple confirms iCloud, iOS 5, OS X Lion unveils at WWDC

It's official: Apple will debut its iCloud service, as well as its next-generation iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion software at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6.

Apple’s cloud music service scans user’s iTunes library for content, sources say

Apple's cloud-based music streaming service will reportedly scan each user's music library and then populate their streaming playlist with mirrored content, regardless of whether or not the source material comes from the iTunes Store.

Apple’s rumored iCloud service may be an upgrade to MobileMe, ‘Castle’ codename spotted

Code strings discovered in a recent developer preview of OS X Lion suggest that MobileMe will soon be replaced by something called Caste, presumably Apple's rumored iCloud service.

Apple ends MobileMe rebates, update appears to be imminent

Apple has stopped offering rebates for both MobileMe and iWork, prompting speculation that refreshes for both products are due soon.

Apple poaches Microsoft’s cloud computing expert

Microsoft data center "guru" Kevin Timmons has reportedly left Redmond for a new home at Apple. Cloud-based iTunes coming soon?