Apple to launch revolutionary cloud-based TV service, says analyst

Apple has forever altered the music industry with its popular products. But now, says analyst Peter Misek, Apple plans to launch new products and services that will transform the television industry as well.

Amazon working on Apple, Google competitor with cloud locker for media

New rumors say that Amazon will show off a cloud-based digital locker for video and music content, giving Google and Apple some competition.

Apple said to launch free MobileMe in April

Once again, rumors have surfaced that Apple plans to launch a free version of its MobileMe service, possibly as early as next month.

Apple MobileMe and iOS 5 event possible in April

Rumor has it that Apple is planning a follow-up even next month to announce updates to MobileMe and iOS 5.

Apple allegedly in talks with record companies over repeat iTunes downloads

A new report indicates that Apple is in talks with the major record companies to negotiate new iTunes functionality that would allow users to download music files an unlimited number of times, to multiple devices.

Apple staffer: Forget iPad 2, iPad 3 is where it’s at

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 2 later today. But according to an Apple insider, the second-generation iPad is merely a pit stop on the path to our ultimate destination: The iPad 3.

Apple discontinues sales of MobileMe — free version coming March 2?

Apple has stopped selling MobileMe. But the company says it will soon open a massive new data center that will be devoted to the cloud-computer service, along with iTunes. This could mean free MobileMe — or perhaps cloud-based iTunes —…

NYT: Apple planning a cheaper, but not a smaller iPhone

The New York Times says there's no iPhone Nano on the horizon, but the next generation might still be cheaper than previous models.

Details of the rumored ‘iPhone Nano’ continue to surface

A new smaller, less-expensive iPhone is almost certainly in the works. But could the device be entirely reliant on the MobileMe cloud for data storage? Some say "yes."
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WSJ: New smaller iPhone real, MobileMe may become free, iTunes music streaming coming soon

Call it the "iPhone Mini," the "iPhone Nano," or just another cheap smartphone, a smaller version of Apple's flagship product is on its way, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple Extends MobileMe Subscriptions Again

Once again, Apple has extended subscriptions to its struggling MobileMe service, adding another 60 days to trial and paid subscriptions.

Jobs: MobileMe Launched Too Soon

In what amounts to a mea culpa, Apple CEO Steve Jobs admits the launch of its MobileMe service came too quickly, and wasn't up to Apple's standards.