HoloLens price could be out of reach for some people, says Microsoft executive

Ever wish you could bring the hottest video games into your own living room? The Microsoft HoloLens could do that, but the price may be out of reach for an increasingly cost-conscious consumer base.

Minecraft is coming to every secondary school in Northern Ireland

MinecraftEdu, an educational version of Mojang's breakout game of building and exploration, is being distributed for free to schools in Northern Ireland by the CultureTECH Festival.

A Game of Blocks: Bran Stark shows you around the ever-growing Minecraft Westeros

Isaac Hempstead-Wright--Bran Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones--narrates this new trailer for WesterosCraft, a massive, fan-made recreation of Westeros within the confines of Minecraft.

What could have been: Creator rejected a Conan O’Brien episode set entirely in Minecraft

Conan O'Brien wanted to do an entire episode of his talk show animated in the style of Minecraft, but apparently developer Mojang wasn't having it, and rejected the idea.

Minecraft: Story Mode brings Telltale’s episodic storytelling to Mojang’s indie

Telltale Games and Mojang are teaming up for an episodic adventure set in the world of Minecraft, called Minecraft: Story Mode and set to launch in 2015.

Check out this working iPhone that someone built inside of Minecraft

An ingenious German gamer has built a functioning imitation iPhone--apps, touch screen, and all--within the blocky confines of Mojang's modern classic, Minecraft.

A student spent two years building this breathtaking Minecraft city using an Xbox 360

Two years and 4.5 million blocks: That’s what a 19-year-old art student at the University of Delaware needed to build a massive Minecraft metropolis inspired by New York City – and there’s still building to be done.

Dig for diamonds on the go when Minecraft comes to PS Vita on October 14

Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition will be available to download on October 15 in Europe, the port's developer 4J Studios announced, though no word yet on North America.

Watch Conan’s (slightly NSFW) take on the Minecraft acquisition

The ink is barely dry on Microsoft's acquisition of Minecraft and its developer Mojang, and Conan O'Brien has offered his take on what the game's creator is doing to celebrate.

Microsoft buys Minecraft, and the developer behind the blocks

The rumors are true: Microsoft confirms its acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang. There's no word on what's next for the Sweden-based studio, but Minecraft will continue to live on as a cross-platform franchise.

Rumored Microsoft acquisition of Minecraft dev aimed at mobile growth

The rumored Microsoft acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang is expected to be announced on Monday, September 15, and many believe the purchase is aimed at boosting mobile growth.

Minecraft the home of a shot-for-shot recreation of Star Wars: A New Hope

One man's passion for Star Wars has led to a shot-for-shot recreation of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in Minecraft. A new trailer shows his progress after three years of work on the project.