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Sprint: Natural selection will be cruel to tablet makers

One Sprint exec thinks that we will see tablet manufacturers dwindle over the coming years, as brutal competition culls the herd.

LG Optimus 3D, Optimus Pad, YouTube 3D partnership official at Mobile World Congress

LG makes its official announcement of the Optimus 3D smartphone, Optimus Pad tablet and a partnership with YouTube to bring 3D video sharing to the masses.

Motorola Xoom Best Buy pre-order priced at $1,199

A Best Buy pre-order page lists the price of the Motorola Xoom at $1,199.

Motorola Xoom: $800, will launch Feb. 24

A Best Buy ad gives us new details about the Motorola Xoom tablet, and they're not all good.

Apple iPad vs. RIM Playbook vs. Motorola Xoom vs. Dell Streak 7

Analyst Rob Enderle compares Apple’s iPad to its latest competitors including the RIM Playbook, Motorola Xoom and Dell Streak 7.
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Google introduces Honeycomb, Android Market updates, in-app purchases

Google's Wednesday press conference brought the official launch of the tablet-friendly Honeycomb, a version of the Android Market built for the Web, and in-app purchases for Android developers.
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Motorola Xoom to launch Feb. 17, cost $699-$799

Employees from Verizon and Best Buy have leaked a February 17 release date and $699-$799 price point for the Motorola Xoom tablet.
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Apple’s Tim Cook slams Android, Windows tablets

On his first earnings call since taking over for Steve Jobs during his medical leave, Apple COO Tim Cook did not hesitate to lay out a verbal smackdown on the many iPad competitors that emerged from CES.

Ultimate CES 2011 Tablet Roundup: 25 Tablets Compared

From wavemakers like the Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry PlayBook, to nonames like the iStation Zood, walk we through the best and worst CES 2011 tablet unveils.

Digital Trends’ Best of CES 2011 Awards

We round up the best products, gadgets and technologies from CES 2011.
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Complete impressions of the Motorola Xoom tablet, the first real iPad competitor

Motorola unveiled its Xoom tablet just a few days ago. Below is our first impressions of the new Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet, perhaps the first true competitor to the iPad.

CES 2011 rumor roundup

It's finally here. In mere days we'll be able to tell you about all the new technology heading your way. To tide you over, here's a look at some of the most persistent CES rumors out there.