Social Media

Mozilla’s first Social API collaboration, ports Facebook Messenger to Firefox

Mozilla launched its first social add-on with the help of Facebook by launching Facebook Messenger for Firefox. It's the first social network to develop a plugin on Mozilla's Social API.
Cool Tech

The end of MP3? Opus Audio Codec promises better sound with less bandwidth

The open-source Opus Audio Codec could transform what we hear and how we hear it on the Web.

Firefox OS app store photos leaked

These images provide a sneak peak at what might be the next big thing in a growing mobile operating system market.
Android Army

Mozilla rolls out Firefox 15, updated Android tablet app

Continuing to focus on the development of the modern Web browser, Mozilla launched Firefox 15 with significant improvements.

Firefox 14 automatically encrypts all Google searches

Newly released Web browser Firefox 14 offers users greater security by automatically encrypting all Google searches performed through the browser.

Everything you need to know about Firefox OS: Mozilla’s mobile play

Even in market crowded by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Mozilla plans to add a new contender: Firefox OS. What can the open-source company bring to the game, and does it stand a chance of competing?

Apple’s iPads to get two competitor web browsers to Safari

If you've been feeling as if your iPad needed another Internet browser that wasn't called "Safari," then have patience: Not one but two competitors are rumored to be coming to your rescue very soon.

Why Do Not Track may not protect anybody’s privacy

Microsoft ruffled feathers by announcing Internet Explorer 10 would turn on "Do Not Track" functionality by default to protect users' privacy. How does Do Not Track work, and is Microsoft's move about consumer protection...or doing a number…

Firefox 13 arrives with a start page face lift and speed improvements

While Microsoft and Google continue to compete for browser market share, a new version of Mozilla's Firefox brings some much needed improvements to the user interface.

Mozilla bashes CISPA, as Microsoft double downs its support

Firefox maker Mozilla has come out firmly against the contentious Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Microsoft, on the other hand, has reconfirmed its support for the bill after reports suggested it had switched sides.

Firefox 12 is here, silences annoying Windows UAC warnings

The latest in Mozilla's rapid cycling, FIrefox 12 banishes UAC pop-ups and seems to be on the right path towards silent updates.

Mozilla launches Firefox 11 and Thunderbird 11

As Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla continue jockeying for position in the browser market, Mozilla issued an update to Firefox this week to add a new feature.