ZTE shows off Firefox OS and Open phone at MWC 2013

In an announcement that was far from shocking, ZTE took time during its Mobile World Congress 2013 conference to rehash the details about Firefox OS and the first phone that will run it, the ZTE Open. The entry-level phone will make its way…

Introducing Firefox OS: What you need to know

Smartphones with Mozilla's Firefox OS will be a reality this summer, but what does it bring to the mobile world besides a new platform to worry about? This new OS is built on the open language of the web and aims to erase the closed…

ZTE to debut the Grand Memo and a Firefox phone at MWC, could be joined by a Tegra 4-powered surprise

ZTE will be launching the Grand Memo and one of the first phones to run Mozilla's Firefox OS during Mobile World Congress, plus Nvidia has confirmed the company will be the first to produce a device using the Tegra 4 processor.

Firefox 19 now available for desktop and Android devices

Today, Mozilla released Firefox 19 for desktop and Android. It comes with a handful of new features, including a built-in PDF viewer and lower spec requirements for Android devices.
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Happy birthday Safari! Thanks for changing everything

There was once a time when the "mobile" web was significantly different from the "real" one, but that bridge has been gapped over the past 10 years thanks – primarily – to Apple's browser.

ZTE bringing phones running Mozilla OS to Europe

Mozilla's mobile operating system appears as though it's almost ready to meet the public. ZTE, a Chinese phone manufacturer, would like to escort the new OS along the way. The first stop is Europe, where ZTE and Mozilla hope to have phones…
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Mozilla’s first Social API collaboration, ports Facebook Messenger to Firefox

Mozilla launched its first social add-on with the help of Facebook by launching Facebook Messenger for Firefox. It's the first social network to develop a plugin on Mozilla's Social API.
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The end of MP3? Opus Audio Codec promises better sound with less bandwidth

The open-source Opus Audio Codec could transform what we hear and how we hear it on the Web.

Firefox OS app store photos leaked

These images provide a sneak peak at what might be the next big thing in a growing mobile operating system market.
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Mozilla rolls out Firefox 15, updated Android tablet app

Continuing to focus on the development of the modern Web browser, Mozilla launched Firefox 15 with significant improvements.

Firefox 14 automatically encrypts all Google searches

Newly released Web browser Firefox 14 offers users greater security by automatically encrypting all Google searches performed through the browser.

Everything you need to know about Firefox OS: Mozilla’s mobile play

Even in market crowded by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Mozilla plans to add a new contender: Firefox OS. What can the open-source company bring to the game, and does it stand a chance of competing?