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How social media created (and destroyed) Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was a reality star for the digital age. Now she's a fear-mongering conspiracy theorist. The very thing that catapulted the unknown into relative super-stardown - the Internet - is the same thing that tore her down. What…

Word on the street is Kid Cudi, Sleigh Bells, Diplo to head up Myspace’s secret SXSW concerts

All the big names in Internet and music are here at SXSW – except Myspace. At least, so far. Word on the street is Myspace plans to quietly invade SXSW this year with secret concerts, and we've got inside information on who and when.
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Myspace accused of ripping off indie labels

Myspace wants to be the new place to stream music. But licensing group Merlin says the revamped social network already has a copyright infringement problem.

Myspace has crawled back to relevancy; now here’s what it needs to stay

After some dark times, Myspace has managed to secure itself a bit of spotlight. But before we can say that's more than launch-hype, there are a few things the platform needs to get right to win back our patronage and define itself as a…
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The new Myspace opens up its doors – and throws in a new single from Justin Timberlake

The new Myspace is out of invite-only beta and now anyone can sign up and start sharing content or discovering new music.
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[Exclusive] Visual curation platform Pearltrees now lets you customize your pages

Pearltrees announced an update to its platform today that will allow users the limited personalization of icons and backgrounds for their pearls.

Myspace pitch deck leaks, reveals how the underdog plans to take on Spotify and Pandora

After giving us details on the new Myspace last week, the music platform's leaked pitch deck reveals more about how the site plans to challenge Spotify and Pandora for a top streaming service spot.

Justin Timberlake says the new Myspace is no mere redesign

After going hands-on with the new Myspace, we sat down with the site's owners to talk future feature plans, connecting with new artists, and what exactly they liked about the Myspace of yore.

Hands on: Have you heard about this new Myspace thing? It just might work …

We go hands on with the new Myspace, a bold, new look and reinterpretation of the original social networking site we all once loved ... and then hated. Can this complete overhaul win us back?

Myspace trying to bring SexyBack with new design and functionality

Myspace is overdue for a complete redesign, and while the new interface teases to be quite modern, is it too late for a comeback?
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Man finally finds his son on Facebook after twenty year search

Separated by thousands of miles and an entire ocean, signing up for a Facebook account helped a man and his son find each other after decades of lost time.

Opinion: Why Facebook is better off without preteens

Preteens shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook, but not just for their own safety. It’s the rest of us who need to be worried.