Myspace pitch deck leaks, reveals how the underdog plans to take on Spotify and Pandora

After giving us details on the new Myspace last week, the music platform's leaked pitch deck reveals more about how the site plans to challenge Spotify and Pandora for a top streaming service spot.


Justin Timberlake says the new Myspace is no mere redesign

After going hands-on with the new Myspace, we sat down with the site's owners to talk future feature plans, connecting with new artists, and what exactly they liked about the Myspace of yore.


Hands on: Have you heard about this new Myspace thing? It just might work …

We go hands on with the new Myspace, a bold, new look and reinterpretation of the original social networking site we all once loved ... and then hated. Can this complete overhaul win us back?


Myspace trying to bring SexyBack with new design and functionality

Myspace is overdue for a complete redesign, and while the new interface teases to be quite modern, is it too late for a comeback?


Man finally finds his son on Facebook after twenty year search

Separated by thousands of miles and an entire ocean, signing up for a Facebook account helped a man and his son find each other after decades of lost time.

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Opinion: Why Facebook is better off without preteens

Preteens shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook, but not just for their own safety. It’s the rest of us who need to be worried.


MySpace hit by FTC for privacy violations [Update: MySpace statement]

MySpace has settled with the FTC after the Commission accused the social network of violating user privacy by sharing personally identifiable information with third-parties.

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MTV launching artist platform to unify musicians’ online music presence

MTV is reminding us what the capital 'M' stands for with an artist-centric social media effort.

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Visitors spend an average of three minutes a month on Google+

While Google continues to push Google+ integration into more Google products like YouTube and Gmail, the social network is lagging behind competitors significantly in regards to user engagement.

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The difference between a regular Facebook app and a Timeline app? Semantics

It appears that the line between seamlessly sharing apps and the old-fashioned kind is a little blurry.


The second coming of Myspace has Facebook’s Open Graph to thank

Myspace's surprising new user numbers have a very unlikely source to thank: Facebook.


Membership boost at MySpace could signal trouble for music discovery sites

MySpace has attracted 1 million new members since December, which coupled with its extensive music library and aggressive future plans, could spell trouble for subscription music sites.


Engineers from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace collaborate to challenge Google’s Search Plus Your World

The data wars continue to amp up, and now Google+'s competition is fighting back with a tool that surfaces actual social search results.

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Rupert Murdoch admits News Corp. “screwed up” with MySpace

News Corp. CEO says company "learned lots of valuable expensive lessons" from MySpace fiasco.

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Justin Timberlake reincarnates MySpace as MySpace TV at CES 2012

The pop culture icon and part owner of MySpace has thrown his weight behind MySpace TV, a new social platform for watching TV together with friends in real time.