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Surprise! Americans use social media to connect with friends, family, Pew study shows

Are you sitting down? Ok, good — because you mind is about to be blown. According to a newly-released study from Pew Internet Research, two-thirds of all Americans who use social networks do so to stay in touch with current friends and/or…
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New social network Unthink says ‘FU’ to Facebook and Google+

Dubbed the "anti-Facebook," newly launched social network Unthink aims to free users from the bonds of corporate money-making by giving them complete control over their personal data.

Apple, Dropbox to lobby for greater digital privacy rights

Apple and Dropbox are the latest technology companies to back the Electronic Frontier Foundation's efforts to strengthen laws that protect our digital-centric activities.
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StumbleUpon accounts for half of all U.S. social media traffic on the Web

Are Web users in the United States more likely to use StumbleUpon over Facebook for sharing the latest YouTube video of a giant cat attempting to fit inside a tiny cardboard box?
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News Corp. lost a quarter of a billion dollars on MySpace sale

While Justin Timberlake is hoping that people will return to MySpace in droves, Rupert Murdoch is likely happy to get rid of the social network. However, News Corp. paid a hefty price for mismanaging the social website.
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NYPD creates unit to track criminals on social networks

New York based criminals stupid enough to brag about their crimes on Facebook and other social networks are in for a surprise. The NYPD is branching out into the social space to gather evidence and track down criminals.
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With 25 million users, Google+ becomes fastest-growing social network

Since its launch in late June, Google+ has amassed more than 25 million users, according to comScore, making it the fastest growing social network of all-time.

Firefox and Chrome tools block Murdoch-owned websites

Hacking attacks aren't the only headaches for the digital side of Rupert Murdoch's empire. New Firefox and Chrome additions allow people to avoid Murdoch properties on the Web.
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LinkedIn CEO says Google+ can’t coexist with other social networks

Jeff Weiner argues that, in an already saturated social media market, users don't have the time for Google+.

Why Google+ kicked out William Shatner

Google+ showed Shatner the door and is demonstrating a sensitivity uncommon for social sites, just one example of how Google is scrutinizing what's let into the infant platform.
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MySpace’s Tom warns Google+ about excessive feed filtering

Tom Anderson writes that Google should avoid algorithmic filtering of user feeds in Google+ in favor of more dedicated user controls.
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LinkedIn now No. 2 social network in the US

LinkedIn now receives more US traffic than MySpace, but still lags behind in terms of total active visitors worldwide.