Justin Timberlake might bring talent competition to MySpace

So what exactly will Justin Timberlake be doing at MySpace? Possibly turning it into a talent competition.
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Myspace founder Tom Anderson weighs in on Facebook video, Google+

His own social network may have run aground, but Myspace founder Tom Anderson still has words of wisdom on the coming battle between Google+ and its entrenched competitor Facebook.

Five reasons why Google+ will succeed

Google may not have a great track record with social media, but Google+ is its most ambitious attempt yet to finally rival Facebook. Here's why it could finally hit the mark.
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MySpace sold from the bargain bin at $35 million

MySpace, the once giant social network has been sold by News Corp. for $35 million to the advertising network Specific Media.

Rumor: Myspace to lay off 37.5% of workforce on Wednesday

Rumors are flying that Myspace will once again be cutting deep into its workforce with 37.5% of employees hitting the pavement and the classifieds come Wednesday.

Facebook users have more close friends, says Pew study

A new study by Pew highlights the positive impacts Facebook and other social networking sites have. The average Facebook user may have more close friends than a non user.

Twitter who? iOS 5 connects with multiple social platforms, including Facebook

Apple made much ado about its Twitter-iOS 5 integration, but turns out its got a few other big name social networks buried in there.
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Facebook alternative hopeful Altly inches closer to a launch

Altly begins the transition from stealth startup to social network, and it wants to show Facebook how privacy's done.
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Consumer Reports: 7.5 million Facebook users are under minimum age

Of the 20 million underage users on Facebook, about 7.5 million of them fail to meet the site's minimum age requirement of 13, according to a new study by Consumer Reports.

Conned by convenience: The dangers of too much aggregation

Aggregators like Google News, Flipboard and Zite make life easier for users, but at what cost? Here’s why too much aggregation could actually be bad for people, and the companies playing into the game.

News Corp. seeking $100 million for MySpace, bids expected this week

Six years ago News. Corp paid over half a billion dollars for MySpace. Now the company is hoping to sell the social networking site for $100 million -- and that might not be a bargain.