Friendster apocalypse begins on May 31, all user photos, blogs and more to be deleted

Friendster reveals plans to delete large portions of user data on May 31, 2011, to pave the way for a coming re-launch.
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Dmitry Shapiro thinks his startup Altly will be ‘an alternative to Facebook’

And we're off: After a tweet from its CEO, we just had to take a look at who exactly is behind Altly.
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A look inside News Corps’ overly optimistic MySpace sales pitch

News Corp is doing its best to make MySpace look like a catch, and it's proving to be quite the undertaking.
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MySpace sale negotiations begin next week; who’s buying it?

It's been a long time coming, but News Corp is finally getting MySpace off its hands. But who's taking it home...and why?
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Three reasons why MySpace is doomed

We've been hearing its death rattle for awhile now, but from the looks of it, MySpace is just about ready to kick the proverbial bucket.
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Facebook adds suicide alert system

Facebook has partnered with suicide prevention groups in the US and UK to help users deal with distressed friends when they're not sure where else to turn.

Myspace up for sale as Myspace Music President Courtney Holt steps down

Myspace Music President Courtney Holt is reportedly stepping down from his post amidst rumors that parent company News Corp. is making moves to sell off Myspace.

OpenDNS: Facebook was most-blocked site in 2010

According to OpenDNS, Facebook was the most-blocked site during 2010...but it was also the second most-likely site to be whitelisted.

Twitter advertising revenue swiftly challenging MySpace

Twitter could triple its advertising revenue, and it looks like it will best former giant MySpace in the long haul.
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Facebook will start sending Amber Alerts to users

Users will now be able to view state-specific Amber Alert notifications.
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MySpace cleaves workforce nearly in half with 500 layoffs; UPDATE: Sale or spinoff looks imminent

In more bad news for the beleaguered site, MySpace will indeed be slashing its workforce significantly.

MySpace China reportedly slashes staff and CEO

A sign of things to come? Multiple reports indicate MySpace China has slashed the majority of its staff and says goodbye to its CEO.