Myspace conceeds defeat to Facebook, rebrands

Myspace is rebranding its website and introducing a suite of products that together redefine the company as a social entertainment destination for Gen Y.

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MySpace relaunches with a focus on entertainment and music

MySpace, the once mighty social network, has been retooled and relaunched as a music and entertainment social network. The new look still resembles Facebook.


MySpace accused of leaking user information to advertisers

MySpace is the latest in the recent string of social networking sites that have taken heat for sharing user IDs and profiles with third parties.

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Apple’s Ping update makes the service more user friendly

Apple's Ping music service launched to lackluster reviews and the company is attempting to remedy some of that in the latest update to iTunes 10.0.1.


MySpace Considering Charging For its Streaming Music

The revenue hungry former champion of social networking may soon begin a subscription model for its musical content.


MySpace Co-President Leaves After Four Months

MySpace can't seem to hold onto execs: after four months, co-president Jason HIrschhorn has left the company.


Facebook Tops List of Most Searched U.S. Companies

Facebook tops the list of most searched for companies in the U.S., ahead of heavy hitters like Google and Yahoo.


MySpace User Data Offered for Sale

In an age where online privacy is not a "social norm," MySpace user data is now for sale, including blog posts, playlists, pictures, application usage, and more.


Innocent until Facebooked: Feds Snoop with Twitter, MySpace and More

New documents show how the U.S. federal government uses sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to snoop around during criminal investigations.


New MySpace Co-Presidents Outline Makeover

MySpace is looking to re-invent itself with a new focus on games, movies, entertainment...and music.


PopCap: Average Social Gamer is a 43-Year-Old Woman

Video games might seem like a thing for the young, but a PopCap survey of U.S. and UK social games finds that only 6 percent of them are 21 or younger.


Microsoft Outlook Hooks Up with Social Networking Sites

Microsoft's beta Outlook Social Connector add-on for Outlook can bring in data from social networking services.


Van Natta Steps Down as MySpace CEO

Less than a year into to job, former Facebook exec Owen Van Natta was stepped down as CEO of MySpace...effective immediately.


Microsoft Looking to Buy Fox, Others Away from Google Deals?

Microsoft may be looking to enhance Bing's search paying newspapers and content providers to opt out of Google.


MySpace is Trying to Acquire Imeem

Rumor has it that social networking site MySpace is in talks to buy up imeem.