Fanless Zotac Nano shrinks down your PC without sacrificing performance

The new Zotac Nano PC has peeked its head out a week ahead of its debut at Computex in Taiwan, showcasing fanless design, a Core M processor and eight gigabytes of memory.


Does the next iPod Nano really need a camera?

An Apple iPod Nano prototype with a camera has been leaked, suggesting the previously removed feature could make a return soon. But does anyone really want an iPod Nano with a camera?


Apple replacing 1st-generation iPod nanos due to overheating issue

When it comes to batteries, Apple has been having a lousy week. After complaints that its updated iOS had failed to sort out a battery life problem with the iPhone 4S, now comes news that the company is launching a worldwide replacement program for the…


Is There an iPad Nano Coming Soon?

The dust hasn’t even settled from the initial iPad release, but rumors have already begun about a possible iPad Nano.


Settlement Scratches 1st-Gen iPod nano Itch

A settlement enables owners of those oh-so-easily-scratched first generation iPod nanos can enter their serial numbers for a $15 to $25 rebate.

Cool Tech

Apple Opens Used Store In China

Apple has opened an online store in China selling its refurbished products in an attempt to increase its business there.


Hands-on with new iRiver gear

The stylish design of new iRiver gears turns heads


Cases for the iPhone Nano, Before it Exists

Listings for iPhone Nano cases from two different companies have some fans believing a phone to fit them is not far behind.


Belkin Updates Cases for New iPods

Many of Belkin's existing iPod cases, including its sport armband, silicone and metal models, will get updated versions in mid-September for the iPod nano 4G and touch 2G.


New iPod On The Way?

There's a new iPod Nano and a new iTunes coming, says the founder of Digg — but his track record on predictions isn't perfect.


Super Talent Shrinks Thumb Drives to 1.4"

The new Pico D is the smallest drive in Suoer Talent's already micro-sized line at just 1.4 inches long, thanks to chip-on-board technology.


Logitech Intros Clip-and-Go Notebook Mouse

Ever owned a slick wireless mouse for your notebook... then left it behind as you moved your computer to a new spot? Logitech wants to solve that problem.


Imation Debuts its Smallest USB Drive Yet

In a moment of deja vu, Imation has once again revealed an even tinier flash drive, the Atom, which measures just 1.5 inches long.


Nvidia Tegra Chip to Power Next-Gen Mobiles

Nvidia's new Tegra line of all-in-one processors combine CPUs from ARM with GeForce GPUs to deliver better graphics in scaled-down mobile devices.


Via Nano Processors Cut Size, Power Usage

Via's replacement for its C7 processors will use a 65nm design process to boost efficiency even further.