Cowon iAudio U5 Heads Stateside

Cowon's small flash-based player comes with either 4GB or 8GB of storage, and will compete will with players like the Zune and iPod Nano.

Harmonix Releases Phase for the iPod

Guitar Hero addicts can get their fix on the road (minus guitar controller) with Phase, a music game played used the iPod's click wheel.
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SanDisk Challenges Apple with Sansa View

Business is brutal in California. The Milpitas-based SanDisk makes no bones about going for the throat of its goliath, Cupertino-based competitor with the Sansa View.

Logitech’s Nano VX Cordless Mouse Gets Tiny

Logitech's Nano VX Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks runs for 6 months on two AAA batteries, and offers a plug-and-forget USB receiver.

iPhone nano Later This Year?

An analyst has speculated that Apple will introduce a cheaper iPhone later this year.
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DLO Wants You To Get Your nanos in a Twist

If you're the sort who can get all bunged up about the look of their iPod nano's case, DLO has a two-for-one deal for you with its new Twister.

Currency Valuation Through A nano Lens

Have you heard of The Economist's 20 year-old Big Mac index which tracks the price of a McDonald's sandwich in various world markets? An Australian bank is doing it with the nano.
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Xbox 360 Buyers Guide: Controllers

We pick five controllers for use with the Xbox 360. Is your favorite on the list?
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Keep Your Second-Gen iPod nanos Dry

If you just can't keep out of the water - and can' do with your tunes - maybe you need a waterproof case from Otterbox and H2O Audio for your second-generation iPod nano.

iPod nano Sees (RED)

Apple has rolled out a special edition (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano, with $10 from each sale going to the Global Fund to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Guide to Instant Messenger Clients

We take a look at the most popular instant messenging so you can pick one that fits you.
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Belkin Announces TuneDeck for iPod nano

Belkin's TuneDeck for iPod nano let you synch up your music with your ride using your car's built-in cassette deck.