Sonos Controller app for iOS gets lock screen controls, more in latest update

The latest Sonos update for iOS brings a host of improvements including lock screen controls, support for Force Touch, and simplified Trueplay calibration, though users don't have to worry about going through the calibration process again.

Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster in a desperate bid for relevancy

Looking for a new way to pull subscribers from popular services like Spotify and Apple Music, the Rhapsody music streaming service will soon adopt the Napster name brand within the United States.
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Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Scorsese invest in same-day theatrical releases for $50 (Update)

A startup wants to bring same-day theatrical releases into your home at $50 per rental, and now J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, and Martin Scorsese are on board as investors.

Napster reemerges in Canada as a Spotify competitor

The Napster brand has returned, but this time as a subscription music streaming service that is currently only available in Canada through parent company Rhapsody, competing with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.
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Why the end of New Music Tuesday signals the true death of the CD

With CD shipments declining by tens of millions each year, the format could become obsolete in the music industry by 2020. The shift to New Music Fridays will further push the listening experience toward the Web and social media.

‘Downloaded’ charts the rise and fall of the Napster revolution

"The important thing about a revolution is that it's bigger than you," says Downloaded director Alex Winter in our discussion about his new Napster documentary and the 10-year process of bringing it together.

State of the Web: How the Internet makes things worthless

Does the Web zap the value out of everything it touches? In a way, yes.

Could music stream ripping software put Spotify and other music services at major risk?

Stream ripping of popular music services like Pandora, Spotify, Rdio and others might be a serious threat to the future success of the music subscription model.

Rhapsody buys Napster from Best Buy

Rhapsody is executing on its new strategy to buy subscribers by purchasing its top rival: Napster

How the Internet is reinventing music

Paying for music isn't dead: The Web is giving it new life. We've compiled some ways that the Internet is changing music for the better.

Walmart giving up on MP3 download digital store due to lack of interest

While Apple dominates the music marketplace, Walmart officials are listening to crickets populate its digital music storefront. The retail giant plans to throw in the towel on selling MP3s later this month.

Rdio Lights up (Yet Another) Subscription Music Service

Rdio brings 7 million songs to mobile devices and the desktop, with Twitter-style social networking features to discover new music.