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Seriously, has Anthony Weiner not heard of Snapchat?

Anthony Weiner is not inspiring voter confidence with his bone-headed impulse to sex-message people online - so if you really can't stop yourself, guy, then welcome to all the Internet ways to at least keep things sort of undercover.
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Empire State Building lit up New York City with a July 4th light show

For those who weren't able to secure a spot to watch fireworks over New York's Hudson River, the Empire State Building offered its own light show to go along with the pyrotechnics and its soundtrack.

.nyc – New York becomes first city in US to secure own domain name

NY City has become the first in the US to get its own domain name. The .nyc rollout, which will take place later in the year, is part of Mayor Bloomberg's long-running plan to establish the East Coast metropolis as "the nation's premier…
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Would you swim in New York City’s East River? +POOL promises to at least filter the water

New York City's East River is notorious for some historical pollution, but a Kickstarter project vows to create a filtering pool that cleans while letting people recreationally swim.
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Strolling between the rain drops inside MoMA’s Rain Room

Museum of Modern Art's Rain Room exhibit lets visitors seemingly walk through the rain without ever getting wet. The secrets are in 3D camera sensors that detect humans and keep them dry wherever they venture.
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Using Airbnb is now a crime in New York City

An Airbnb host lost his case in New York for renting his apartment through the service. Is this the end for Airbnb in the five boroughs?
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The New Museum recreates 1993 New York by taking over the city’s pay phones

A New York City art exhibit is transforming public payphones into time machines to transport visitors back to 1993. But you may be surprised to hear how much - or little - has changed.
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NYC rolling out touchscreen displays in subways for directions, schedules

Ideal for NYC residents and tourists looking for the fastest way to reach another part of the city using the subway, the MTA will be installing touchscreen displays at select stations later this year.

The world’s original camera, now a giant, functioning art installation in New York City

Think your film camera is old? Check out this New York City art installation of a operational camera obscura, an imaging technology that dates back to ancient times. Yes, folks, this is how pictures used to be taken.
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How New York City is giving payphones a 21st century revamp

The City of New York wants to reinvent the payphone, with design ideas involving kinetic energy, air quality sensors, solar panels, and augmented reality. Out of 125 submissions, the designs narrowed down to 11 finalists.

NYC mayor wants to give electric car drivers a place to park

Electric cars could be welcomed in historically car-unfriendly New York, if Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's proposal for 10,000 new charging stations comes to fruition.

NYC residents can track snow plows online this weekend using PlowNYC

Definitely helpful for NYC residents that absolutely have to get around the city this weekend, the government operated PlowNYC site will provide vital updates about the progress on snow removal street by street.