New York City

Microsoft builds giant NYC phone for launch event; Spotify comes to Windows phone

Microsoft builds a big phone over in NYC's Herald Square to draw attention to its new launch. Also, Spotify jumps on board and makes the app available for the Windows phone.


Apple unveils rebuilt Fifth Avenue glass cube store

Apple has lifted the wood shell surrounding its Fifth Avenue Apple Store, revealing a new cube design that has six times less separated glass than its original design.


Google moves Street View into buildings

Likely designed to appeal to small businesses, Google is offering a new optional service that allows pictures of the interior buildings to show up within the Street View interface.


Spots in iPhone 4S lines across America are being sold on Craiglist

With the launch of the anticipated iPhone 4S just a handful of hours away, people with and without preorders are already starting to gather at Apple retail locations all over the United States.


9/11 attacks could be seen from space (picture)

When the World Trade Center was hit in the 9/11 attacks, NASA astronaut Frank Culpertson was able to snap a few pictures from space.

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