New York City

Lyft puts brakes on New York City launch

Lyft postponed its New York City launch on Friday, just hours before the ride-sharing service was due to debut there. The decision follows pressure from the City and Taxi Limousine Commission, which claims Lyft isn't licensed to operate its…

Yelp restaurant reviews helping NYC officials to identify outbreaks of food poisoning

Health officials in NY City are using Yelp restaurant reviews to help them locate eateries with dodgy hygiene practices. As many people fail to report incidents of food poisoning to the authorities, the reviews are turning out to be a rich…
Cool Tech

Lasers to tackle grime on New York City’s oldest outdoor monument

Central Park is turning to laser technology to get the grime off its famous Obelisk monument. The granite pillar has never been cleaned during its 133 years in the Manhattan park, and the high-tech solution is deemed to be the best way to…

Breather to offer private, quiet spaces for rent in New York City, San Francisco next

Can't get any peace or quiet in your day? Breather has some rooms reserved just for you. It's offering quiet work spaces for rent in New York City, for $25 an hour. Rooms can be reserved via an iOS app or the Web.
Cool Tech

New York City extends indoor smoking ban to include e-cigarettes

Definitely a nuisance to anyone in New York City that's attempting to quit smoking by using an e-cigarette, city officials have approved a measure that bans all use of electronic cigarettes in public areas.
Cool Tech

NYC tests thermal cameras, motion sensors to decrease subway deaths

Looking for ways to detect when a person has fallen or been pushed onto the subway track, NYC is testing four separate systems that includes technology such as lasers and thermal imaging.
Social Media

Banksy – or someone pretending to be the artist – has officially hit the social Web

It's hard to know what to make of Banksy's new Instagram account, and his alleged Twitter and Facebook profiles. Whatever his scheme, one thing is certain: He's just as much of a mystery as ever.
Social Media

Don’t live in NYC? Visit the 9/11 Memorial through Google Street View

Just a reminder: Even if you don't live in NYC, you can still reflect on September 11 at the 9/11 Memorial, thanks to Google Street View. See? Not everything that's happened since 9/11 is all bad.
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New low for Instagram stupidity as rapper tips cops in record-breaking gun bust

Well, what did you think was gonna happen when you boast on Instagram about making stacks of dough from illegally selling guns? A Brooklyn-based rapper's stupidity led cops to the largest gun haul in New York's history.
Cool Tech

New York’s secret underground tunnel is an audiovisual reminder that stories live forever

Opened to pedestrians for the first time in nearly 200 years, the Voice Tunnel allows visitors to record their voices and watch as a light translation of those statements boomed across the underground chamber.

Next iPhone ‘will’ have fingerprint sensor, says NYC Mayor’s office

In an emailed statement defending NYC Mayor Bloomberg's controversial fingerprint comments, a spokesman may have inadvertently confirmed that the next iPhone will have a fingerprint sensor.
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How two actresses spin the dregs of the Internet into comedy gold

Hamlet. Waiting for Godot. The Glass Menagerie. Texts from Last Night. One of these things is not like the other. Luckily, not everyone thinks the line between live theater and digital low points is all that defined. Allison Goldberg and…