New York Times

Study: iOS 9 ad blockers save iPhone users time, data, and money

A recent study conducted by The New York Times delves deeper into the implications of ad blockers, specifically putting numbers to ad blockers’ impact on page load time, data usage, and data cost per page.

NYT exposes reasons why you might not want to work at Amazon

Led by CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon is one of the world's most successful companies — but it's also one of the most punishing places to work, as a new report in The New York Times outlines.

Victoria Taylor breaks her silence while reddit moderators explain why they shut down AMA

On Wednesday, Victoria Taylor, the dismissed Reddit employee whose firing prompted a petition for Reddit CEO Ellen Pao's resignation, finally broke her silence, while reddit moderators penned an op-ed for The New York Times.

New York Times sets its news free, ending subscription plan for redesigned NYT Now app

The New York Times has ditched the $8-a-month fee it's been charging for its NYT Now iOS app, allowing users to peruse a decent selection of the news giant's content for the princely sum of nothing.

New York Times plans ‘one-sentence stories’ for Apple Watch

Rather than loading a full news article onto the Apple Watch, the New York Times is going for "one-sentence stories" where users can get a brief summary before choosing whether to continue reading on their iPhone or iPad.
Social Media

Why you may never need to leave Facebook ever again

In what the company describes as an effort to cut down on load times, particularly on mobile devices, Facebook is pursuing deals with publishers including the New York Times and BuzzFeed to host their content on Facebook itself.

N.Y. Times photographer creates backpack that wirelessly streams images back to newsroom

Josh Haner discovered TV journalists had the ability to live stream content wirelessly, so he created a backpack that allows photographers to do the same. With a Linux-based computer and four cellular modems onboard, Haner could send images…

New York Times announces discounted digital subscription plan

Ideal for Web users that want a cheaper way to access the New York Times, management at the popular newspaper will be launching a digital subscription plan at $10 or less per month.

The New York Times’ non-terrible April Fools’ joke is a bot that turns journalism into poetry

You might think a bot that turns articles into haiku - as brought to you by the New York Times - would fall in with the rest of the Internet's April Fools' Day jokes. But this is very, very real - and for those of us who like the Web's…

CNN drives a Tesla Model S from Washington, D.C. to Boston, no tow truck required

While the feud between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and New York Times reporter John Broder continues, CNN proved that it is possible to drive a Model S the full length of this busy East Coast corridor.

Tesla-New York Times dispute continues as reporter speaks out

New York Times reporter John Broder says data that seemingly contradicts his article was misinterpreted, and that he followed all advice given to him by Tesla employees during his recent Model S drive.

Tesla CEO reveals evidence against New York Times’ damning assessment in blog post

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is substantiating his claim that a recent test of the Model S by the New York Times' John Broder was "faked" with data from the electric car's onboard computers.