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Go vertical: Portrait orientation is no longer scourge of photo and video

The often-mocked vertical video is here to stay, as both individual creators and news outlets alike are embracing portrait orientation for stills and video. This change of heart, not surprisingly, is a result of mobile apps like Snapchat.

How a pioneer of street photography helped shape the way we take images today

Bill Cunningham, considered by many to be a pioneer of street photography, died on Saturday, but not without leaving an impact on photography today – from working to be invisible to simply letting inspiration come from the streets.
Virtual Reality

See all of NYC in this 360-degree VR photo captured from atop One World Trade Center

For its The New York Issue, The New York Times teamed up with National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin to capture the view of New York City from the top spire atop One World Trade Center.

Hamilton creator pens op-ed on unfair use of 'ticket bots'

When your show is so popular that you need to advocate for improved legislation regulating ticket sales, you know you've hit the big time. Lin-Manuel Miranda recently did just that in a New York Times op-ed.

Tasty news: NY Times will soon deliver meal kits to your door

The New York Times has cooked up a plan it hopes will help to boost revenue as it deals with increasing pressure on its traditional business. The idea? Meal-kit delivery for dishes on its Coking website. The new service is set to launch in…

New York Times photo editors share how they choose the pictures of the week

Ever wonder how photo editors decide what makes a great photo? In a Facebook live stream, three editors from The New York Times reveal how they curate photos for the Lens blog's "Week in Pictures."
Virtual Reality

NY Times to send out 300,000 Cardboard VR viewers in second giveaway

The New York Times is encouraging its readers to join it on its virtual reality adventure, offering 300,000 digital subscribers a free Google Cardboard VR viewer. Last year the news service gave away the viewer to a million of its print…

NY Times starts fighting ad blockers with plea to users

"The best things in life aren't free," so says a message from the New York Times to readers landing on its site using ad blockers. The news outlet has begun a campaign to try to persuade users of the content-blocking software to think twice…

The New York Times has a VR movie app, and is giving away Google Cardboard this weekend

Google has teamed up with The New York Times to distribute a million Cardboard VR viewers to the newspaper's subscribers, through which specially made VR films can be watched using a new NYT VR app.
Social Media

New York Times’ Marcus Mabry is joining the Twitter team to head Moments

Just a week after announcing that it had fired 8 percent of its workforce, Twitter is charging full steam ahead and bringing aboard new talent, including New York Times editor at large Marcus Mabry, who will now be heading Twitter Moments.

Study: iOS 9 ad blockers save iPhone users time, data, and money

A recent study conducted by The New York Times delves deeper into the implications of ad blockers, specifically putting numbers to ad blockers’ impact on page load time, data usage, and data cost per page.

NYT exposes reasons why you might not want to work at Amazon

Led by CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon is one of the world's most successful companies — but it's also one of the most punishing places to work, as a new report in The New York Times outlines.